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On the auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi, my wishes and prayers for all Amitabh Bachchan

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Vakra tunda Mahakaya surya koti samaprabha

Vakra tunda Mahakaya surya koti samaprabha

Nirvighnam kuru me deva Sarva karyeshu sarvada

On the auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi, my wishes and prayers for all. May the grace and kindness of Ganapati, fill your hearts with happiness and joy, with love and prosperity. May He rid you from all evil and guard and protect you from the perils of negativity.

The blessings of Ganapati shall remain in all the homes during these days in special prayer and obeisance. It will invite friends and visitors into our precincts and then when after a period of time the day for 'visarjan' comes it shall be taken in procession amongst song and dance and music to the waters of the sea and immersed, with the plea, to come again into us the next year.

Among the Muslims, soon it will be EID after the fasting and prayer during Ramzan. The Jains wish us 'MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM' today on the auspicious Day of 'SANVATSARY' and beg for forgiveness for hurting your hearts and you, knowing or unknowingly, by any action or speech or even thought.

Such a beautiful confluence of all the faiths, their beliefs and their prayers. All expressing love and well being, all at almost the same time of the year. This is no coincidence of fate. It is a coincidence that has been ordained through thousands of years of belief. Millions all over this world shall come together to express their happiness and joy at this divine occurrence and the elements and the winds and the atmosphere shall be filled with positivity and the purity that comes with it.

There is no room within these precincts for hate and malice. We are all one in prayer. We are all one in peace. May this ever prevail. May this ever prevail. May this ever prevail… !!

I read your impressions on the topic of the previous post with pride. Pride of an elder that acknowledges the wisdom of its progeny. I am astonished at the output that comes from every member and full of admiration for the brilliance with which they put forward their thoughts. It is a graph of learning for me and I am certain for those as well who may have opportunity to read through. God bless you and your presence !

It has been nothing short of being enlightening !!

Of late I have been reading in the media, many discourses that direct our attention to, the realm of television and the content that prevails in them with some consistency. Most importantly they chip away, with some severity, at the abundance in the presence of the 'Reality Show'. They are every where they say, in almost every channel and each one of them claiming the success in viewership as per their ratings on professional meters. They say that the show succeeds in making celebrities of hitherto unknown individuals and that the world of TV at least, may not need the endorsement or participation of the real Mc Coy's. It has become somewhat of a pleasurable pastime, or should one say dedicated viewership, for the TV buff, to be involved in the public unveiling of a private existence. Extreme prudence does not permit me to direct your attention to the obvious names. You are all aware of them. The media analysis wonders whether certain constraints of ethics are being demolished, whether it is morally correct, or even legally, to permit such blatant exhibition. Legally one has not heard of many interventions in the electronic world, but I assume sooner or later some strictures shall start gaining a foothold. Till that happens, what really do the masses think of this assessment is what they want to know. I thought we could do an in house test within our own community and so a few pointers ~

* do 'reality shows' attract your attention

* what is it that makes it compulsive to view, if at all it attracts your attention

* is it the frivolous and titillating nature of the content that interests you

* if not 'reality' what other kind would you prefer to watch

* is the idea of something moral as content interest you or

* moral and entertaining

* should celebrities be an essential part of such entertainment, or not

* has the concept of the reality show been beaten to death

* and if so why is it that they still attract the maximum eye balls

My quest towards completion of my whim, continues ; the obvious problems not withstanding, namely, every response that I may give attracts another few in the same DAY. The line never seems to end. But we must endeavor and never turn back or stop. Just keep moving…

Goodness this is turning out to be some moral bashing is it not ? No .. this is not an effort to preach the goodies of life, it is just another promise. A promise of an … ice cream cone .. as simple and as delicious as that…

Where was this about an ice cream - "life is like an ice cream - eat it before it melts.."

Ah..!! Yes of course … "BLACK"

Enjoy.. life ..


Amitabh Bachchan



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