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Big B Promo of PAA Movie

Prateeksha, Mumbai November 7, 2009 Sat 11 :58 PM




25 Days to PAA

It has been gratifying to read the trade papers talk rapturously of the promo of PAA and to observe the kind of interest and comment that the 60 seconder has generated. I have not seen this happen often enough to me, but I do believe that there still exists in our fraternity of dedicated creative people, a sense of joy when they see something of value. There is and there shall always be a situation where rivalry will exist. But I believe healthy rivalry adds to any situation. It enhances rather than depletes and for that we must acknowledge when we witness another’s success and achievement.



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The people then that interview and take comment as above. These are just random impressions. The day evolves as a project. An exercise in patience and strength. Of giving answers to them that ask the same questions, but who have the confidence that when it is projected by them it will be different. This is the spirit I admire and like and for that I remember a few on blog today.

I had an interesting meet today with a member of INDIA TV, a prominent and top rated channel. They document the tragic occurrence of 26/11 and wish that I do a voice and commentary for it. We shall be discussing that in the time to come, but what was of deep interest to me was their invitation to join a select collection of individuals that shall be responsible now in forming what they believe is a body of editors and men and women from society, that would play ombudsman to content on the electronic medium. They informed me that for a couple of years there had been talks amongst themselves on how the standard of news and views could be brought to a level of dignity and respect and that the formation of such a body of people would monitor and control the quality of the product that was going out into the world.

I found this self confessional, brave and full of rectitude. And if they really meant what they were expounding then there is faith and hope amongst those that control the conscience of the nation. I would certainly honor this effort and would happily contribute towards this most necessary and just cause.

There is travel now for another cause and hopefully when it is concretized I should be able to apprise you of it. Till then …

It is love and more and much more …

Amitabh Bachchan

Bigb bagadda

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