Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PAA releasing December 4th 2009

London, UK November 10, 2009 Tue 7 : 32 AM/ London time

23 Days to PAA releasing December 4th 2009

Aaahhhh !! the relief !! Just finished all the responses to the previous day and would you believe it the pain has ‘dis appea red’ !! Golly !! Now Fm Xt have better reason to accuse me for not responding to them. Sometimes we axe our own feet do we not …

Will rush now for morning formalities and quick breakfast - the first media starts at 8.30 AM and then there is travel to Sky or BBC studios maybe, I don’t know what they have lined up, but its up and down to Hotel and out again …

Thank you all for your generosity in wishing me well for my shoulder and for the film PAA…

I never have sufficient words to encompass all that it means to me to be looked after so well by my dearest and kindest FmXt.

Love you ssooooooooo much and then a little more …

Amitabh Bachchan

London, UK November 9, 2009 Tue 4 : 04 AM

24 Days to PAA

There must be some mental technology that works effectively for sleep inducement. Do let me know if it exists, for I was desperately looking for one early this morning in order to extend my stay on the pillow and under the duvet.

As is the norm when you travel out west, the eyes open up to the morning at that unearthly hour of 3 AM and then, despite all efforts to continue in slumberland, you find yourself running out of subjects that would take you back to sleep infested lethargy. I tried a few, but failed. It would not obviously be prudent to share those with you, but suffice to say that they were … well … never mind !!

Getting up the changed face page and reporting back on how the promotions were going, took up most of what was left of a morning desperately in need of some more rest, but …

The shoulder pain was so excruciating that even after the drugs it made me wince on certain actions. So the next best was to rush off to a medical store to see if there could be another alternative cure. Roy Bell and Croydon, I think it is, that stores many facilities other than medication which help in general upkeep. And it was here at the behest of a lovely sales lady Nana from the land of Georgia, ex Soviet Union, that relief came. They now have a wonderful gadget that when stuck on to the skin and connected to electricity, sends waves of stimulating current to affected area and the rush of blood to the region helps cure the pain.

After a sample test the equipment was bought and it shall be used with some diligence in the future. Pain must be the one commodity that generates the maximum attention for mankind, or well any living being. Pain requires immediate healing - physical or mental. And those that master the art of its cure are not just those who are blessed but those who can at times exploit the medium for personal or general gain.

The medical profession prospers at will on the basics of pain. Doctors and hospitals are built around its eradication. Mental pain has given birth to various outlets that profess their absolute ability in removing it through discourse and temperament. Pundits of psychology and all other kinds of ‘chology’ explode their versions of cure from books and long arduous discourses through private and public mediums. The millions of followers that congregate is testimony of the belief that these exponents of ‘tandav’ execute. And the beauty is that some of them actually work.

And it is pain today that brings me to London to participate in the charity Foundation for head injuries, initiated by HH the Maharaja of Jodhpur, more commonly known as Bapp ji by those near and dear to him. A reception and dinner is kept at the Banqueting Hall, opposite 10, Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s residence, in an elegant regal ambiance.

Bapp ji’s only son ShivRaj had an unfortunate fall from his horse while he played polo, suffered severe head injury and through careful and gracious care has now recovered almost 80%. But there are millions that do not have the means or the facility to afford treatment from those that serve the people that go through this unfortunate tragedy. In the USA the figure is 1 in 200 that perish. In India it is 1 in 6. Some thousands lose their lives every hour in India and with the projection of India having more automobiles than the US within a couple of years, the fear of greater accidents does not abate. For a Foundation to now work towards this most needed and necessary cause was most laudable and Jaya and I decided to participate in it.

The evening was full of social and genuine royalty. The decor was Rajasthani as were the dresses and turbans of those that served. The food was Indian and relished by all. I left just as soon as the auction was to begin and the dancers from the Indian Film Industry were going to take over the dance floor. Bappji, HH Jodhpur and owner of the unique architectural marvel, the Umaid Bhawan Palace, was gracious and warm in his hospitality. He surprised me by mentioning to my seated neighbors the extremely exciting features of my upcoming movie PAA , prompting me to spend the rest of the evening, alternatively describing the film to Bianca Jagger and Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.

Tomorrow is another marathon run with the media and then home for more promotions.

But only if excessive sleep is induced before that …

Love you

Amitabh Bachchan

BigB Bigadda

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