Monday, April 26, 2010

I think Sachin was very brave in coming out to play BigB

I think Sachin was very brave in coming out to play BigB

Prateeksha, Mumbai  April  25/26,  2010  Sun/Mon 1 : 36 AM

Gloom and depression !! Mumbai Indians lost. I think Sachin was very brave in coming out to play, but they lost due to a more superior performance by Chennai Super Kings. Also I felt that Mumbai left it for too long to recover the run rate and by then it was climbing so high it became an impossibility to catch up. Dhoni, is a very calm and calculating Captain. Shrewd in his planning and execution. He played it perfect tonight. I also felt that Mumbai left it to Pollard too late. They should have brought him on much earlier to bring on the pressure to the CSK. Anyway the better team won and Dhoni and his mates must be extremely happy to have recovered ground in this tournament, to finally come out victorious.

I have also not realized the impact of my little story about my MRI trip. It has flooded the electronic waves since morning after the Times of India brought out the entire blog detail on the front page. Anxious responses from FmXt have also filled up the blog as have my mobile lines and those of my family.

It was not meant to cause such panic. I mentioned my day in a somewhat detailed and humorous manner. The media made it out to be quite dramatic and the entire day has been spent in explaining that 'all iz well'.

May I first thank all those that have expressed concern on my condition and say how deeply obliged I am for this endearing affection. There is nothing to be alarmed about. I still function normally and am under constant observation.

For this most worried reaction, I must take blame. But there is an entire history of my problems and which I would like to expand on as soon as possible. Filling you up with just one such incident yesterday has sparked some very collective concerned reactions. I would rather not subject you all further with another burst of issues that plague me. Maybe we shall sit a while and get all the details to be shared with the entire FmXt.

There were other issues that took away attention for me today.

A Tamil Group picketed my houses this morning, asking me to not conduct IIFA in Sri Lanka !! I beckoned personnel from Wiz who own and conduct IIFA to come and meet me to discus this matter and give it due importance. I believe Wiz craft personnel met representatives of this protest presentation along with the Police personnel that came over from the Juhu Police station, heard what they had to say, accepted a petition given by them, explained to them their side of the story and told them that the Govering body of the event would meet immediately to conference on this matter and reach some kind of final path and solution. Sentiments of all must be respected and I hope that we can plan and execute that with understanding peace and grace.

It is gaining upon a time past 2 am and I do wish to get some rest before the gym at 6, so I shall beg forgiveness. But I will and must come back to all, on my other medical issues.

" Our deeds determine us as much as we determine our deeds "

May we all be swayed in the beauty of our deeds in love and in affection -

Amitabh Bachchan

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