Saturday, May 29, 2010

BigB on Twitter

T12 -The world makes way for those who know where they are going ..

T12 -Thinking from the previous tweet, maybe we should work out a plan to get some of you across to have lunch with me.. ok will work on it

T12 - A short quick nap before setting out again on the Rann ... lunch was fine .. sorry could not share it with all of you !!

T12 -The district of Kutch the largest in India - size of the state of Haryana. Not too many people ; 250,000 and lucrative for business.

T12 -The strong winds fill up your clothes your hair, your face - buy above fills up your mind with that air of freedom !!

T12 -The surface of the Rann, salt laden. By afternoon the sea will come in they say. Water already seeping through the earth.

SrBachchan T11 - Off to have Gujju dinner .. the desert winds make me hungry and rough and determined .. my determination will come from you and you ..

SrBachchan T11 - okaaayy ! opening up to the 'followers' now .. I read all the numbers of some of the others - astounding ! Wonder if i can reach there

SrBachchan T11 -Sameer !! Where are you ? You just took an autograph on your shirt from me at the shoot.. If I catch you I will tweet back .. love
SrBachchan T11 -Tomorrow morning call at 4 am !! The Rann gets inceredibly hot and dusty beyond 10 or 11 AM .. so need to do those early shots !!

SrBachchan T11 -Dressed up as the typical 'Kutch i', everyone loved it. Reference was my dress in SRK film Paheli .. ShahRukh you reading ?

SrBachchan T11 - Almost 90% of this city was devastated in the terrible earthquake some years back.. now fresh constructions abound ..

SrBachchan T11 -back from first few hours of shoot in Gujarat, Bhuj ... interesting .. so much history, glory, diversity.. will describe detail in blog

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