Monday, November 15, 2010

Another day out in the sun This is such luxury Was a bit clouded

Jalsa , Mumbai Nov 11, 2010 Thu 11 : 59 PM

Another day out in the sun ! This is such luxury ! Was a bit clouded - believe there is a storm building up in the Arabian Sea, a cyclone called Jal and likely to strike Gujarat ! Hope all goes well. They said it was weakening. But met departments are known to be way off their predictions at times.

Each day of rest has been deliberated upon, and the desire has been to have finally found time to clean months and months of pending paper work. But it never does happen does it. Intentions are not all and not enough. You need to get down and do it. And its never successful when someone else does it. Its always got to be you, the individual who must needs get down on his knees and do the clean up ! And so an attempt was made, but the sheer enormity of the project put down the shutters after a while and that was it. I may have succeeded in catching up with say yesterdays pending work, only to discover that there is still a couple of years left to be handled ! Horrors !!

The morning till now has been full of incidents related to copyright protection, for, there have been greater examples and infringements being discovered. A company selling Basamati rice, Lakshmi Foods has done an exact imagery of KBC. The set, the computers, the question and the contestant being asked from an over the shoulder shot of AB, in suggestion and the voice being used again to ask a question on the product being marketed. This is so unethical and legally wrong. Spoke to Sony to take action and they have in typical bureaucratic fashion passed it on to ‘legal’ to handle. I wonder what they shall move and in which direction.

Another huge infringement has taken place concerning Airtel the mobile and telephone carrier, about yours truly and the opportunity to be able to talk to me for a fee. This is simply unacceptable. There is no signed deal at all for this and on questioning them they inform through our Vog managers that it has been a mistake, that they apologize and shall take immediate corrective steps !

Well thats it ! I’ve called the lawyers in tomorrow and we move court. This is a sacrilege ! This is what happens when people try to run a business through emails and good hope. Not any more though. And yes the lesson learnt is this. Unless you get down yourself on your hands and knees, nothing moves in the right direction.

How much we desire that an efficient team of people working for you could be in a position to handle and guide us through all this mess. But no. It is never ever like that. Personal attention always is the preferred choice. And so be it.

I was keen to respond to as many of the FmXt as possible today, but alas ! it was not to be. One meeting after the other has kept me glued to my office chair with no respite. And financial meetings are such a bother ! Beneficial but a bother !!

KBC nears an end. It was scheduled for just 9 weeks this season and so it shall be. It has raced past the post with incredible speed and value. Waiting for it to happen has been a nightmare. Preparing to go on the stage and to conduct the entire affair has been nerve wracking. But now as the finish line approaches, there is a feeling of a peculiar sadness. The contestants and their chatter and their remarkable stories have been the greatest and most enriching experience. The one whom you expect the least has come up with the most. The most has disappointed. Strange !!

There are some very unique observations that come through on social sites and sms’s on mobile, about the show ! It is difficult to absorb all of it. But it does warm the cockles of the heart and a small prayer goes up for those little mercies. Thank you all for your continued support and following. It would never be the same without all of you !!

Brought in Balki and his wife for dinner and had some very interesting and creative discussions. Balki in usual form has yet again a whole host of novel ideas for film and hopefully we shall be zeroing in on a few at least. For some strange reason there is a sudden surge in opening up different spheres of interest for those in the field of creatives and I find myself being sucked in to wanting to participate in all of them. This is of course physically and time wise not possible. But interesting to see how the world moves now.

I had desired to post some more pictures … but maybe next time .. It approaches 1 AM !! Time for all good little children to be in bed !!

Good night then and see you soon .. my loves

Amitabh Bachchan

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