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Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 29 , 2010 Mon 11 : 14 PM

Shweta left this morning for Delhi. Back to her home her husband and her children. I went along with her to see her off at the airport, just as I had gone to fetch her when she had come in the day before. Its sad to see them leave - children ! Having Shweta home is like a breath of fresh vibrant air, warm, strong and full of life. The entire house comes alive with her laughter and imitations and stories of general interest. Her meetings with her friends, her escapades and her daily inputs on health and care for the body - she has so many of them !

Agastya has been ill in school and the teacher has asked the house to get him home. His sister has gone in a hurry to get him back and after doing so feels he may have been shamming his illness to get a day off, but he is certain he is truly unwell. On the way to the airport he has messaged his Mother on his condition and she has broken into uncontrollable laughter. On asking what could be the reason for her mirth when the situation could be grim, she pushes her BB across to me. Agastya in his defense has written : “I have a stomach problem - I have loose motations” !

“Motations ?”, his Mother BB’s back.

“Yes. Motations !” he insists.

She corrects him and says it should be ‘motions’.

But he insists its ‘motations’ and would explain what it was when she gets in.

I have not heard from them the entire day since Shweta caught the flight, so I guess they have resolved the issue or the ‘motations’ !! ha ha ha

Children ! Such a joy to see them grow and flourish and become men and women of the world. The bearers of the legacy of any family. The future generation. The ones that shall carry forward the responsibilities thrust upon them. That shall bear burden of performance character and deed as they face the days and years to come, with certain aplomb.

I wonder at times whether we thrust too much on delicate shoulders. I wonder whether they shall have the capacity to take the ship forward, to sail in it and conquer the waves and the storms that they shall inevitably encounter. And each time such thoughts cross my mind I find myself protective and encouraged to safe guard them, my progeny. I believe that this is a world wide phenomena, that we must accept and be prepared for from the day we decide to have a family. We are responsible for bringing them into this universe and then suddenly we find them disinterested in what we believe to be good for them. We say at times that they are not living up to our expectations, that they are incapable of taking or carrying forward the tradition and standing of the family.

And then suddenly one morning they surprise us by doing something that takes them beyond everything that we had ever hoped for. Suddenly from being incapable they become capable. From nobody’s to somebody !

I feel we think less of them at times. I think they all have a sense of responsibility and that given a situation in life will come out victorious and grand. I think it is our nature to protect them and keep them away from strife and struggle. But if they did not strive and if they did not struggle, how would they learn and flourish. The blows of despair that life beckons them with, would be ineffective if their protection were to exceed a certain norm. I believe that if our upbringing has been strong and principled and that a certain level of discipline has been maintained, then it would really take a lot to see them going wrong in life.

Jaya and I pride ourselves in this fact at least, that our children have had nothing quite as special as is expected from us. We have been normal because we are normal. There have been, yes, moments when their exuberance and youth oriented attitude has been a bone of contention. But I feel they need that and are deserving of it. If not now then when will they ever get an opportunity. They must be learners soon and that can only happen when they shall make mistakes and errors.

Independence is wonderful. Large heartedness and a liberal attitude towards their parentage is valuable and good and most creditable. But they must have the opportunity to assess when that line of control shall be crossed or not. I would like to understand and believe that children are the most intelligent when in their early years and it is then that the seeds of what protocol needs to be observed are sown or should be sown. Early impressions remain imbedded for a life. So be early, inculcate and have that faith and trust that it shall all work out fine someday.

I hope and pray that most of us that are either parents or children shall bear witness to this. That they shall give their progeny the right opportunities and the correct attitude. That is all that is required. Thereafter it is trust all the way ! Trust and the hope that it shall be adhered to.




On Koffee with Karan with my daughter Shweta - she won most of the hampers that were quizzed for.

Love to all ~

Amitabh Bachchan

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