Friday, March 25, 2011

More love than most more dedication than ever BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai    Mar 23 , 2011    Wed  10 : 59 PM
I shudder at having caused more than what was intended in my post of the previous day. I was in context, but for reason that shall remain within and not exposed to the general, I shall become incognito. At times, and times are indeed not always conducive to expression, it is sufficient for to incur direction, regardless of whether it shall find its desired home. I value free expression and if it shall ever be challenged it would demote aspirations and ambition. Ambitions not for personal aggrandizement, but in a terminology that would envelop all. To be specific, if public domain and platform are entranced, then accept what could be exited. For both aspects shall present themselves in a manner that shall be seen, observed and commented on.
The fear among us all is the fear of repulsion, repugnance and disgust. We can accomodate failure. We can most certainly have liberal residence for success. But abomination and distaste are not replaceable. They remain unbearable in odious smell - beyond the singe of colgate pax ! Drive away from such lingered molecules of early morning odor. Splash your face with the freshness of the cold tap. Wipe away with toweled ingenuity the smallest strain of left overs. Lift spirit and head among the winds of challenge each moment and you shall find energised in itself the required impetuous.
I spent a promised afternoon over lunch with a group of winners for a campaign which works for the needy and the under privileged. It announces itself by ‘The Joy Of Giving’. People who have excess share the spill over with those that need it. I was part of that campaign that raised funds for the poor. There were options, I came out victorious in the eyes of those that worked for it. And so I spent time with them and their questions, a majority of which wished to know how and why I worked still. And the other of the incessant need for the young to share and respect and devote time and care for the aged ; ostensibly for their own.
In debates that touch upon these issues, the obvious East vs West comes galloping through. Their dispassionate look over the family system versus our compassionate legacies of several generations. It is but an absorbing tale and one that I propagate in favor of ours rather than theirs. But then each have their own versions and reasons, and I do welcome them. But only in debate, not in practice. I shall devote time and energy to my elder. I will not discard them to the realms of homes. Their home is mine as mine is theirs. Their right to be with us is as strong and resolute as ours to be with them. It is not dependency. It is as natural as the need to sleep in the hours of darkness at the end of a day. They held my little finger and walked me to my first candy store. They wonder if we would hold theirs to take them to their ultimate destination !
More love than most, more dedication than ever …
Amitabh Bachchan
” Elizabeth Taylor   RIP ”

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