Friday, April 29, 2011

I was born in a small privately run hospital facility BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai       April  28,  2011            Thu 9 : 48 PM
I was born in a small privately run hospital facility, Dr Brar’s, an almost missionary like medical outfit in a crowded area of Allahabad, Katra. My parents who earned Rs 500/ - a month, brought me home wrapped in a ‘gudari’ in a ‘tonga’ a horse drawn public transport system. That was the best they could afford. Genetically I am attuned to live and survive in those conditions at any point in my life. I can live in penury and poverty, in adverse facility conditions, but I shall not live in fear ! You can beat me, overcome me, trample all over me, attempt to defame me, supersede me, over power me … but do not threaten me with fear … its the most demeaning factor in any individuals life. Fear weakens, destroys, diminishes all that you have acquired in your DNA. I would never want to be in a position where aspersions were to be cast on the DNA of my genes. My DNA is my pride. Challenge it and you shall have to be prepared that the challenge shall be accepted with glee, and fought with passion and fervour.
Next year I shall step into my 70th year. Born in 1942 the 70th would be 2012 ! If in 70 years of my life I have not given reason enough for respect and dignity, then you need to revisit my years and come to the sum total rather soon. I shall ever welcome those that shall question my acceptability, that shall question my ability, for, I believe that is an essential ingredient in any individuals desire to improve. I possess no special skill. But I shall fail only if my desire to not accept to attempt something special fails.
Those that challenge, doubt, insinuate, bode ill, should always be remembered with utmost grace. They are the ones that shall and will be responsible for filling you with the strength to disprove them. Disprove them not to throw it in their face. That would rob you of your dignity and class. Disprove them for the betterment of your own self. When you shall better yourself, the others will diminish on their own.
‘Everyday in every way I am getting better and better’ , is what my Father would say to us when we were unwell and fought illness. Medical illness is but a small aspect of that lesson. Improvement and bettering our own self in any walk, is equally important and valuable. I must learn something new each day. I must have knowledge of something each day which has hitherto been unknown to me. I shall be complete perhaps never, and I hope I do not. Because it would rob me of my necessity to acquire more.
Acquiring is not all nor is it the proverbial end of the road. What I acquire, if not dispensed in the right direction would be wasteful. What will I do with my knowledge if I am to take it to my grave, or burnt with it on a funeral pyre. It must be dispersed, spread, given out. Legacies are an important and integral part of our lives. To not worry about them would be a sacrilege. Gather and acquire for yourself yes, but with the ultimate belief that it should transcend all barriers and reach the right destination.
I am a creative person. Or at least claim to be one. I may not have the capacity to be of some caliber. But if the need to fulfill a desire emanates, we should attempt it without any qualms.
My destination - an early - well relatively early night beckons me. I have a window of greater dream factories soon. Let me not lose this grand opportunity !!
Good night !
Amitabh Bachchan

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