Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another dark night in the city of Mumbai and another dark moment for the nation

Sopaan , New Delhi        July 13 , 2011          Wed 11 :53 PM
Another dark night in the city of Mumbai and another dark moment for the nation. Blasts in three of the most congested areas of the city have been devastated by IED’s , improvised explosive devices, causing the deaths to many and the injured into the hundreds …
We had just flown in to Delhi by the afternoon and I had been sharing the joy and happiness of the entire family being together after such a long time – the Nanda’s, the Rai’s and all of us along with the children. We were here for the honor ceremony by the French Embassy for Aishwarya, bestowing upon her the medal of honor in the Arts and Letters. Minutes before we were all set to leave for the function, the news started trickling in on the blasts in Mumbai and we stopped in our tracks too shocked and dismayed at what had happened yet again in this beautiful city of ours. The first reaction of course was for the safety of people, but as time passed by the horror of those killed and injured became prime.
Aishwarya who had already reached the location, rightly, after consultations and advice from us has decided to cancel any celebrations for the French Honor and has declined to accept the medal on a day when the country was reeling with this fresh menace that had just occurred in the city. The occasion has been postponed. We are back in our homes in Delhi and have requested the honor programme to be put to to another day. It would not be proper to celebrate a personal achievement, when this horrific tragedy of wanton and meaningless killing has occurred in Mumbai.
Many of our friends and well wishers have been sending in messages of concern to us. We are all safe, but our hearts go out to the families of those that have lost their lives and have been injured.
Yet again our city of Mumbai has been made the target of a brutal attack. Once again there shall be concerned voices raised by those in authority. Once again Mumbai will show its resilience and get back to work as rapidly as possible. Once again Tv channels shall give exclusive reports from the site of the action, claiming, how they were the first to bring this tragedy to your doorstep. At the end of the day, even when you are fighting an adversary the desire, by certain forces to capitalize on the situation does not change. And it does leave a very bad taste in the mouth. Once again the city shall limp back to normalcy and in a few months the incident will be forgotten. Fresh and more inventive topics shall rule the roost.
This is the nation, the country, the polity … we identify ourselves with it. It is ours and we shall defend its sovereignty through the years and years of association and strong determination.
Stay well dear FmXt ….
Amitabh Bachchan

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