Monday, July 11, 2011

The chest condition recedes gradually the cough is more controlled the doctor is away on a short holiday BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai      July  10 , 2011        Sun 8 : 39 PM
The chest condition recedes gradually .. the cough is more controlled .. the doctor is away on a short holiday .. the rains persist and pour .. a baby kitten has been noticed in the drive way almost hidden under the wheel of the parked car looking dazed and apprehensive .. the gym after such a long gap was such a beautiful welcome gift .. a dub soon after for a short addition for ‘Aarakshan’ completed the work schedule .. and a most exciting creative meet for a future production, kept the spirits high and volatile !!
Some moments later with the family .. and some moments after a corrective dub in the studio .. brought me in contact with some of the around 25 generation on future work .. and what a joy to see the excitement and fervor in their desire to make unconventional products, to dream and conceive with such alacrity and passion and hope ..
It is the most exhilarating feel to be in such company and the fear too of not crushing their expectations, but … every proposal comes with its own baggage and not necessarily compatible to suit circumstances .. but still .. the desire to accept and acknowledge change must be encouraged …
On driving back to Jalsa, for the Sunday fan meet .. to witness a most orderly distanced and somewhat sober audience, puts me in a question mark. But when the doors are opened they are back to the screams and the cheers and the world seems alive again .. was it the presence of an extra contingent of Police Cars about ? Were they disciplining the crowds ? I learn later that indeed that was so .. the fans collected like most other Sundays were roughed up and treated not to well - women and little children among them too. After the waving and the ‘namaskars’ and the cheers I find out more details and call the Station .. the matter is immediately looked into an within minutes a posse of officers arrive to explain their act .. and express apology for the incident. I am impressed by their promptness and their humility in their apology .. the crowd collects again and again I go out and greet the fans .. they are most happy .. a few minutes later they assemble again and I go out again … 3 times in one evening ! I must have done something right in my past life .. talking of which, the Times od India does a column on past lives and traces that I am the reincarnation of one Mr Booth of the 19th century or so, great Shakespearean actor .. pretty impressed .. but soon read ahead to discover that a relative of his was responsible in the assassination of Abe Lincoln !! Horrors !! I shall stick to being me and disclaim theory of reincarnates !! Ha ha ha !!!
Its on to ‘Aarakshan’ now and tomorrow starts with early morning radio and tv channels .. a different film a different role a different take on life .. film making is so flexible and challenging ! Will be on with all of you again in due course .. but till then a few visuals form this evening …

Shanouk .. steps out to survey .. and find out what all the fuss is about .. !!!

Crowd control .. and the fans and well wishers .. always a joy to see and meet them .. so generous and warm and affectionate .. the cops just doing their job, no issues ..
Wishing you a pleasant night and an even brighter morning !!
Love to all ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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