Monday, July 11, 2011

Its not what has been taken away from you that counts BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai            July  9,  2011          Sat  11 : 27 PM
Its not what has been taken away from you that counts - its what you do with what is left that matters. The exact quote was from Hubert Humphrey, but it was relevant even in its broken form and hence its mention …
Much can get taken away from you. It must. Life would be worthless if we were to only receive and not give away. But getting left behind with whatever there is and to make life worthy and alive is what makes us worthy. We are born with some perfections and some disabilities and soon enough we realize our areas of incompetence. There are many that lament the imperfections, annoy their minds on the misfortunes, look upon others that possess more with envy and jealousy. But does it bring any result. No. They destroy themselves by continuous remark on their negativity and end up as traumatic wrecks. Consolation comes to them when they enhance themselves through substance abuse and other unnatural devices ; elevating themselves momentarily from the morass of their own building.
They are weak that resort to practices that consume rather than deliver. I may never ever deliver, but neither would I be entirely consumed with the burden of imperfections. I would strongly admit, rather than cover and disguise. I would let it be seen and shown rather than be hidden and unknown. There will descend an element of self consciousness when we do that. But better to be self conscious than to allow the other to fester and wound inside. What does one achieve by glamorizing the achievements we encounter. I would rather it lay dormant within and allow it to breathe on its own. Occasions such as this stand better chance for eventual recognition. Manufacturing competence, visibility, awareness, recognition, achievement, would take me a lifetime to reconcile with and some more -
‘Ek chup sau sukh’ !! the elders advise through generations. One silence, a hundred joys. If it has to come your way it shall find a path of its own. If not no matter how hard one may try, it shall never make an appearance. I believe valued recognition can never be led astray through manipulation and craft. Momentarily yes, the odds shall favor against you, but eventual victory shall always be yours. It is a test of patience, of forbearance, of reserves of fortitude and strength of character. When ever then was life ever going to be without these elements.
These are not just philosophical musings. They are practiced law, as it were, ready to be judged by the severest benches of judiciary.
I example myself in all matters before putting it out for public consumption. And only when I find them to be of practical use, do I share them. I am no standard of example and certainly not the best, but do find myself in positions at times where this propensity can be applied. Through the years of living and life there is but one common belief for me. Do it and leave it ! If it has to grow it shall, on its own strength of root. If not, torrents of rain water and nurturing shall not bring effect.
Better to believe that you have been wronged and keep it within. Better. When declared outside, it shall invite severe and cynical criticism and remorse. Be prepared for that, or do not allow yourself to enter that realm. Harboring hate and revenge destroys our own body and may never get a chance to destroy the other. What then ? Living with the thought of constant vigil on where and what and how the other behaved, is using up a great deal of your brain and mind consciousness, preventing it from other more deserving thought.
And then … what good does it eventually make … you are wronged, you fester the wound and at the first opportunity resolve it by utilizing the same method of technology that was used against you, in defense. But does it actually resolve ? I would guarantee not.
We are here to accomplish our tasks as have been stipulated to us, by our own deserving and accumen. Stick to it. What good if you shall lead a tributary away from the main to square matters. You would need to look after the main river and now, the tributary. Does that not increase the volume of your horizon ..? Does it not add, rather than subtract. Does it not build slush and mud on an otherwise clear and efficient pathway. Would we rather have this than that ??
I leave it to your discretion …
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. sir agar aap jaisa ham bhi sochne lagte to sayad ham bhi mahnayak hote


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