Friday, July 22, 2011

KBC taking place and there are the warm and affectionate evenings of family and relatives BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai   July  21/22 ,  2011        Thu/ Fri  1 : 43 AM
There are the beginnings of the game show KBC taking place and there are the warm and affectionate evenings of family and relatives. Both are earnest, affectionate and enduring. KBC begins its round for perhaps the 5th time on the 15th of August and the family and relatives began their togetherness by late evening. The joy of sharing episodes of the past, the years gone by, events and important get togethers or shared occasions compares beautifully with the recollections of the past episodes on KBC.
Fresh additions to the game, to make it more viewer friendly and participative are discussed and executed. So also the fun and frolic of the past moments shared with the relatives, comes up. The viewing of old footage of the family, the identification of the years gone by, the factor of passing age, the emotions expressed as we see our loved and dear ones hale and hearty mixing and mingling with their usual gusto, now gone forever … leaving us bereft of the emotion that is generally associated with such moments. A wedding, a function of personal recollection and on …
The KBC is no less. The years gone by the recounting of some prominent moments. Victories, defeats and then the winnings and the exceptional encounters with committed performers, all form such a glorious palette. The fresh ideas and inventions that bring the viewers closer home, coincides with the attempts that all relative family meetings are all about.
Maybe I just force this comparison on my readers, but I have not deliberately thought this one out. Matter seems to flow as we write and this then brings us closer home to the fact that, too much rehearsing takes away rather than bring us together . With family the informality and the care free air that prevails is indeed quite unique. So too with the game show - discomforting, easy and beneficial.
Moot point is, that if the two were to meet, we would have another unique situation. Family participates alongside during broadcasts of KBC. It is the one game show that has the capacity to do so. And if KBC has the capacity to bring all together to share and observe to perhaps join in, then all fingers point to a rather successful evening.
I look forward to the time when we shall be able to execute this and feel for ourselves the importance of coming together, for a cause that can become sincerely educative and knowledge boosted.
At the opening of a wellness center operated by my trainer, I discover that the usage of weights and other heavy equipment is not really a necessity. The same could be done through elastic ropes hung on to bars that are designed to hold over 600 kg. There are some very normal and casual modes of exercise which when performed, take care not just of the muscles in the system but also an overall toning up, with a bit of yoga thrown in. The entire concept of weights and treadmills and other sorts has been or will be eliminated soon and we would have to move up with the times. This procedure is good, but am not so sure if it can be result oriented.
So also then, to those that attempted to do what most of us did and still do … move aimlessly  towards the goal without raising any suspicion. Were we to we would all lose or be asked to lose. Everyman is important in this war. The war between ourselves and the selves of others. In today’s fast ranged and fast moving facilities, must be admired for the persistency of keeping the audience adhesive like to the screens. Tv gets bigger by the moment. Its reach and influence has become monstrous. It is today changing decisions, erecting bodies that investigate, because a certain channel has discovered a smile and a look of suspicious and intrigue, which when examined carefully shall bring result.
I must do well in the preparations for the Tv for KBC .. and I must get together the family in general. Not necessarily in that order, but order all the same. Disciplined order is the command of the day. And if ever I were to be asked whether I would enroll, for the sake of country and life of those entrapped, …
I would say I am an Indian first born and brought up without ever having to give in to the authorities that ask for clarification on my designation … my birth designation .. i will not, because I have believed under it and am the happiest that I did …
Amitabh Bachchan

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