Monday, August 1, 2011

Beaten exhausted and losing all sense of bearing KBC does that to us all such a complicated game show, so many different computeristics

Jalsa , Mumbai              30/31, 2011         Sat/Sun   12 : 25 AM
Beaten … exhausted and losing all sense of bearing … KBC does that to us all … such a complicated game show, so many different computeristics .. so many rules and set ups to keep in mind and then to not forget the game itself and its various permutations and computations …
But one interesting candidate and the entire anxiety of the working of the show just flies past .. we had a few today and tomorrow is another day .. let us hope that all goes well .. the second episode towards the evening will have invites to Saif and Deepika .. who come to promote their film and mine as well - ‘Aarakshan’ !!!
In many ways the philosophy of the film and that of KBC is quite similar. Given opportunity, even the lesser privileged shall prosper. Or at least have the capacity to prosper. The previous season showed to us that contestants from small town India, came up in large numbers and did what most metro town inhabitants could not achieve. The power of opportunity, the power of determination if the resources materialize, and the ultimate joy of disproving most others is really the triumph of the common man.
Who would have ever thought that a Muslim lady from a small town, conservative in its outlook, would one day sit on the hot seat and crack the jackpot of a crore of rupees ! But she did, as did many others from humble beginnings. And that really is the marvel. Those without means and facilities, those who have never had opportunity to even think of education, for them to suddenly find themselves in the higher echelons of society, speaks volumes for the democratic nature of our constitution and the adherence thereof. The film ‘Aarakshan’ provides many sides of this issue and many other. And so when we have movie integration with KBC, this point stands out in great favor for the film …
The rains have been incessant.. and so harsh that we had to stop shooting KBC at times, because of the noise factor. But all in all a most satisfying day … harsh and hard, but satisfactory.
My yawns stifled as they were through out most of the day due to lack of sleep have kept me company throughout, and I wonder if I shall be able to sneak in a few hours tonight for tomorrow is a nightmare .. Two episodes to can, and in the second have the great pleasure of hosting Saif Ali Khan and Deepika ..
I must rest my dearest FmXt … and those that need to come to the shoot of KBC, need to coordinate with me so I can arrange all of this …
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Wow Mr. Bachchanji you are always so busy. God bless you for your energy.


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