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Been at it from 6 in the morning and have only just returned to turn in before leaving for Bengaluru tomorrow morning for the promotions of Aarakshan early

Jalsa , Mumbai        July  31,  2011             Sun  11 : 50
Been at it from 6 in the morning and have only just returned to turn in before leaving for Bengaluru tomorrow morning for the promotions of ‘Aarakshan’, early …
I sometimes wonder if those that snigger and make snide remarks at celebrities whether they would ever consider just spending a day in the life of , and come out unscathed from the terrors of a complete day in our existence. And I sometimes do feel that if there was to be any pressure of work or occupation, the best person to handle it would be the one that is most busy ..
How we find the time .. how it gets executed … how it never distracts from any other, is by itself an exercise that would require a deep analysis at a psychiatrists. But seriously though, I think in the spirit of determination, there should be a yardstick to gauge the impulses and reactions that the mind goes through during the course of the day. I also feel extremely strongly that there ought to be a meter which could determine the intensity of our work schedules, our preferences of company, the moments of solitude required, or not … and so many other aspects. We would I am sure be a psychiatric’s delight. The couch would never be the same once we were to be on it ..
I feel a bit like that today, attending to multiple chores and still bearing in mind that the ultimate chore is in front of the camera. How ever we transform from one diametrically opposite angle to the other, is still a mystery and more , a question. It must have something to do with a bio organic reaction within our systems, finally resulting in the system taking over….
As I sit to punch in a few words for the Ef, I wonder where this desire to complete what has been programmed for the day, comes from. And I have discovered that it comes from the patience and love of the audiences. Whether inside a hall, a gathering of public dimension or in solitude !
I believe it comes from the desire to maintain discipline and order. To feel ashamed when a timing is given a step motherly treatment. To be determined to follow what has been asked of us to follow. Order was never a command, it was a definite predetermined act. An act to enhance the belief or ritual of some, and perhaps to emulate it for posterity …
Some attitudes one is born with and they remain the longest in our systems. We acquire traits that assist us in benefitting our craft … on how to respect the elders, or how to go about finding the correct regulations that shall make us a better person to live with.
All of this is indeed a most difficult task. Each one wants to live in their own shadow or reflection - makes following easier. But it seldom happens and so ….we drift and wander and look around for help. Most of the time the ones that offer help are in their natural or made up stage of the concert of life and surprisingly they are the ones most effective and strong.
I salute those that comply to this and make effort to fulfill. But the children want to move about. Being confined to one single room or area is dreaded by them. That sense of complete independence urges us to mature and be our own man or woman - anxious to find solutions of this crumbling world about them. May they live and endure and continue to prosper …
I am keen that the joining of hands on such occasions makes a great difference .. its not just a voyeuristic pleasure, but one that we need to do more often …
Love and never expect any more … expectation leads to some of the most unwanted crimes one can think of..
Good night and may the eternal bless you and give you time and position and properity …
Amitabh Bachchan

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