Friday, October 14, 2011

I write in early today, for the night shall be rushed and perhaps in behavior a bit BlackBerryied

Prateeksha , Mumbai                                 Oct  12 , 2011                             Wed  5 : 52 PM
 …. and I write in early today, for the night shall be rushed and perhaps in behavior a bit BlackBerryied in its Asian shut down. Mr Satellite needs to mend its ways, move away from the perimeter of the sun and its heat, slither away from other planets and in particular other imitations … or is it the competition using unfair means to bulk up their product !! In todays complex world one never knows. Competition breeds so much inverse negativity within, it stuns us at times, how inventive these minds can become. What could perhaps have never been thought of gets thought of and before long we have fallen prey and devoured !
But at the end of the day quality pays. Sincerity pays. Honesty pays. It has to !
I travel again to distant land to indulge in distant creative acts, one that shall be a first. The apprehension of a new day already acute, doubles the concerns and worries. Why does it happen and what does one do to control its presence ? Nothing I guess. You just roll along and wait for time to resolve it. And so I wait !
I have not been able to get a minute to respond to all those that wish on sms and personal presence. The mobile is jammed, the BlackBerry has clammed and the mind … well .. just flows along hoping that there shall be reprieve soon. Hoping !!
To all the wonderful Ef that took the trouble to travel to Mumbai and to the house to greet and to meet and to gift and wish and show affection … what can one say ? It has been such a warm feeling of acknowledgement to this great medium and to the facilities it provides. Who ever did imagine that one day on DAY 1 there would be a response to my words of connect. And today as we slap the 1272 figure, the immense measure of its propensity suddenly dawns on you. I said most of yesterday that I was blessed to have been what I am, to have been born to my parents the way I was. Their design built me and their patronage guided me to where I find myself today. May we all grow in number and strength and in the wealth of our abilities to remain together in love peace and in harmony !
‘Gatsby’ beckons and I obediently follow. What shall transpire shall always be a mystery till it happens. One shall persevere and one shall make effort. The rest shall follow … hopefully !!
Love to all ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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