Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In a meeting early morning today the server Reliance Big Adda

Jalsa , Mumbai      Sept 29/30 , 2011      Thu/Fri  12 : 38 AM
In a meeting early morning today the server Reliance Big Adda came across to meet me and to inform me of some of the changes that they were wanting to make to improve conditions on the Blog. I told them do whatever you like just do not complicate the process of my connection with my EF.
So … what is perhaps going to happen is that there shall be an up gradation of the WordPress that I use to file my Blog. There shall be a facility from my iPhone to be able to blog, as well as to be able to Tweet. And there shall be a process introduced for those that come on and in particular our family, whereby they will be asked to spend another 5 seconds before posting a comment. This is being done because there is an abundance of ’spam’ that is beginning to invade the Blog. And since most of it is digitally orchestrated automatically, it has reached proportions which the server is unable to comprehend and also accomodate. So I await the process that is being introduced to avoid this nasty bit of ’spam’ going through and for all of you who are genuine and sincere and honest and dedicated, there shall a small 5 sec procedure which you shall have to do, so that your comments are registered correctly and not mistaken for spam and removed .. !!!
Perhaps in the recent past there had been some vociferous complaints of comments disappearing after they had been posted. The issue of the spam could perhaps be reason for them to disappear, I do not know and cannot say for sure, but any way this new procedure shall be introduced and I shall warn you and also guide you into what needs to be done when I am informed of this change ..
haaaa ahhah .. !! that was quite easily done.
Off with the mundane then and back to normal and with the family.
A somewhat busy day even though I was not shooting. But considering a shoot, is also quite exhaustive. Artists should never have to deal with these social, moral and domesticated issues in their life. There should I wish, be a group of managers that conduct the life of the celebrity and not bog him or her down with all the problems of daily existence. Many in our profession here are doing exactly that and I envy them and their conduct, for, they have been kept so isolated from all these other issues that they are able to concentrate in their nature of work with great ease and comfort.
Sensitive as we all are to all that abounds about us, the mere presence of a notice a legal call can ruin the days work for the celebrity. There are many though that take great pride in conducting all of this themselves - knowing the law and the chartered accountancy to be able to answer queries by the authorities and the system we exist in !
Many feel that being devoid of any assistance in this matter leaves one disadvantaged and fragile and insecure. Yes I would agree. Insecurity in this line of business is a virtual threat of huge proportions. Blessed are they that have the will and confidence to be able to overcome such circumstances where they are challenged by their individual insecurity and come victorious all the same. But some like me who possess no knowledge of how the systen works and performs, fall prey to almost all the deeds that may occur to us albeit in a most normal manner.
Apart from the technicalities that overtake us in matters of the law and accountancy, the work itself is a huge immovable edifice that settles upon us at a very early age. The choice of the film under consideration, its makers and their belief, the consequence of its execution and then finally its success or failure at the box office, all go to make our countenance and conduct erratic. We may like a story as an actor, but never get involved in its making without weighing the possibilities of its prospects at the box office. Since our own knowledge of the financing and accounts that take over the entire process of a film are limited and to a large extent unknown, we measure the strength in most peculiar manner. What was his last film like at the box office. Has the co artist been involved in a film that was recognized. When is a good time to release it and then to ascertain how many other that were released in same period, fared. Many many questions go through our heads before the final nod of approval is given. It seems a silly process but there it is. You may have been influenced by the previous success of a future maker only to discover that box office results are never constant, they differ from time to time. Is this then the right time to be involved with a particular maker or not ??? What if he fails .. ?
Ohhh ha hhhhh so many questions and thoughts go through our complicated brains before we finally give signals to be monitored for a ‘go ahead’.
I never got involved in all this and still do not. I cannot remember what the business of my films has been or had been and whether or not if it has been good to be able to re negotiate a price, or be able to get conversant with figures. Of late I have shown interest, but to little avail. And so I have decided to rely on the others in the office, than to trouble my limited brain with matters that really should not concern me. I may be a gentle loser here, but I would imagine …’ better a known gentle loser than one that knowingly lost ‘ ….
There are so many permutation combinations in this that I fear soon you shall all start to have reservations on how we function …??!!!
May you do so and do so with sincerity, for I believe if done, it shall certainly throw up some great minds to assimilate this problem and hold out a hand of help towards us.
May you start considering the matter with care and rare aplomb !!
Good night or morning or whatever it is .. and with love ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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