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Happy Navratri BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai     Sept  28/29 ,  2011    Wed/Thu  1 : 08 AM

Happy Navratri

As the festival of Navratri begins today. As the pooja and prayers rise for Durga Mata. As the exuberance of the dandiya reverberates among the young and old, there emerges a feeling of celebration and joy among us all. And not just in India but in other countries too, in different forms.
It is the time for peace and victory over evil. It is the time for music and rhythm, of color and laughter and above all tranquility and well being among all …
It is Lata Mangeshkar’s birthday today, the Nightingale of not just the country but indeed of the world. Acclaimed and admired by billions all over the universe, a record holder in books of record, a singer of songs in almost over 30 languages, 82 today and still with that mischievous sparkle in her eyes.
At the Shanmukhananda Hall, a place of great relevance, of which some other day, the function held by her brother to celebrate not just her birth but to reward her for her incredible contribution to the arts. To music, to song and to the soul of the entire nation. When she sings it is a direct connection with the Almighty, for in our vedas and our shashtras music has been given the position of the Gods ! Music is the language of the Heavens, without music even the Gods are incomplete !
The Almighty has given each particle that He created the benefit of laya, rhythm and music, but He has given the gift of understanding it to only those that have persevered to devote themselves entirely to it, for he that has mastered music has indeed mastered in a sense the Almighty !! Lata Mangeshkar is one such that has devoted her life to music, and she then has become that pujaarin of the temple of music !!
Being in her presence has been the most invigorating moment for all that revere the best that is there in life. I salute such genius, and wish that the Almighty give us … US … many more years to live, so we can continue to enjoy the lilt of her song and her renditions eternally and to be able to keep celebrating her birthday year after year … !!

After Lata Mangeshkar there is very little that anyone can say .. words are insufficient, weak and meaningless when we set out to describe her and her talent ..
And so …
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Happy Navratri to all of you and your family.
    thanks u sir,
    nawal k singh


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