Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Children are the joy of our lives they are the ultimate happiness in this world

Jalsa , Mumbai        Sept  26/27 ,  2011      Mon/ Tue  12: 21 AM
Children are the joy of our lives .. they are the ultimate happiness in this world .. and I have spent an entire day in that happiness today .. I shot an ad., for FORCE Motors at Karjat a few hours drive away from Mumbai at the BIG ND Studios, built by the great Nitin Desai an art director who came up from most humble beginnings to today, have the luxury of a vast studio spread over acres and acres of land.
The kids that we imagine of today are indeed not from our hemisphere, they come from some other planet. They are here with us pretending as normal humans, but they are indeed aliens with the superiority that none of us shall be able to comprehend or master !!
Most of the day has been spent locked inside this SUV Force 1 which I am brand ambassador for, dealing and keeping myself entertained by 6 of the most precocious children I have ever come across lately. From the latest gossip in tinseltown to the politicotown thet are aware of all. They have an opinion of their own, they have reasonable arguments supporting their views and when in doubt, reflect back to their parents and their beliefs on issues as serious as what the future of the country shall be.
From the care and consciousness needed for the environment of the region to the reasons for the failure of certain films, they have it all … pat ! Confident and relaxed, they do not have a care in the world. And one wishes desperately that they would ever remain so.
They have dialogues of favorite films at the tips of their tongues. They have an entire episode learnt with the expressions in place and the winning answers. And they have their own interpretation on the popular issue of corruption in the country and what needs to be done to cure it.
In the middle of all this, they are diligently following instructions on how they need to act when the camera starts moving, and never make a mistake !! I mean … who are these kids and how and where have they suddenly come from !!
They know their Bugatti’s and Lamborghini and their Ferrari … they know the 2G issues and the present news items that ‘break news’. And apart from all this, while you try to assimilate all that they have to state, they shall suddenly test you with the most simple yet complicated question to answer !!
I shall not deliberately enumerate the moment of the questioning, for, embarrassment is certainly not a trait that I take seriously to. And suddenly as this concoction of six belts out event after event, question and opinion after opinion for me to digest, one of them of 10 shall turn to me in that same child demeanor and inform me that his brother was a great fan of mine ..
” He saw every film of yours, Uncle. And now that I am acting in films he wanted me to arrange a meeting with you. But .. you know when the Opera House blast happened, he was going up the lift in the building on a non working day and he dead now ! I miss him very much !”
A moment of sudden silence …
And then as though nothing had happened, he starts his antics with the other 5 seated along with him in the SUV … playful, mischievous and so lovable with his method of speaking.
” Will you get me a role in a YashRaj Film .. I will give you the DVD of my film ‘Chillar Party’ .. if you tell Yash Chopra, he is a friend of yours, he will give me a role in his film.”
And then immediately back to pushing and shoving and pulling with the others .. ! I mean who are these guys ? They are not normal ..
But the child’s abnormality is his or her cutest factor .. it is the closest they shall ever get to being normal. May they ever remain so !!
I rest now, as I would for the next two days to repair my chest and rib .. Shekhar Kapoor shot the commercial today and it was wonderful catching up on old times with him ..
Sleep well dearest ones .. I shall too provided you do too ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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