Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My hairline fracture on rib has a companion - Mr Abhishek Bachchan

Jalsa , Mumbai       Sept 24/25,  2011         Sat/Sun  12:32 AM
My hairline fracture on rib has a companion - Mr Abhishek Bachchan. He has had a hairline fracture on his finger on shoot in Jaipur for ‘BolBachchan’. Was on his way to the Hotel after pack up and the crew playing cricket hit a ball in his direction, which he tried to prevent from hitting his face and damaged his finger. Its got a fracture and he is in a splint and bandage, but operational !!
The song and shoot for the film ‘Department’ got over today and that is all. My work is over. A special friendly appearance for Ram Gopal Varma and my 7th film with him. Done !!
Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings at the Championship League T20 cricket in a absolute clinger. Holding our breath till the last ball was bowled and finally did it. A little unlike the team, but Bhajji as Captain in the absence of an injured Tendulkar did the trick along with Slinga Malinga ! Quite amazing. Least expected from these two to win a game for their team !!
And while this was on, just heard the sad news that Anil and Boney Kapoor’s Father passed away. Mr Surinder Kapoor, a kind hearted and affable man, a Producer of eminence in his own right, passes away.
One does not know where to begin. So much is happening and happening fast and in such a destructive manner. Putting on the television is like a kaleidoscope of different Breaking News in different colors these days.
There are deaths of prominent celebrities, earth quakes in the North East, devastating in intensity in Sikkim particularly, monstrous floods in Orissa, upheavals in the Government administration and its cabinet of Ministers, .. one just does not know where to start … or indeed start at all ..
The old and practiced art of astrology seems to be paying dividends. Most of all these troubles had been predicted by some quite a while ago, and as always we had  and have taken them all with a pinch of salt. But really though, what does one do in such circumstances. If you believe in them you succumb to the craft of the unknown yet known and that could be equally destructive to the mind as would similar effects which were not known and become known !
There are some faithful followers and believers of this art. It is we must all admit, a craft that tickles our mind and nature. Who does not want to hear predictions, particularly those that concern yourself. When will I be successful, what is there in store for me, what about my family and friends, will the good times continue or will they end, if they are to end when would the times start again … and on and on and on …
By the end of it all we are conducting every breath we inhale to be guided and dictated by the sooth sayers and predictors. I am not so sure whether this is such a good idea, but who cares. No one. We may all make these very diplomatically correct observations and feel somewhat glorious in our most un conservative thought processes, but somewhere I think we do feel that we are vulnerable to that which is unknown. And it is our incessant curiosity that prevails and colors us in a light which pushes us to believe what is being predicted for each one of us. We may seem cynical about it .. and perhaps in the presence of many others .. but in our solitude of mind and spirit we do want to learn of the unknown. We do worry and be conscious of the fact that we know what is to befall us.
I must rest my hairline .. I must obey and listen to the advice of the EF .. and I must tell, some of them that have prepared various promo acts for BHTB and sent it to me for uploading that I am not conversant with the technology that can load them on Blog, hence the delay. But I am at it and soon after a meet with the server, I shall be in a position to post them all up. So do bear with us.
I must thank Prabbir for the effort he took in composing that wonderful poem and to tell him that he is not ignored or cared for or paid attention to. He is heard and read and reacted to, just like every other EF …
I may not have gone ‘yellow’ for some time now , but have never ever not read through each comment and felt warmly towards those that send wishes or greetings or voices of concern towards me .. thank you all that exist with me .. for I do too the same .. and hence …
Amitabh Bachchan , with love and sweet dreams !!

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