Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Rosh Hashanah a time to seek love and peace and togetherness Amit Jii

Jalsa , Mumbai     Sept 25/26 ,  2011     Sun/Mon  12:19 AM

Happy Rosh Hashanah .. a time to seek love and peace and togetherness, to forgive, to understand, to be compassionate and to acknowledge the beliefs of one another ..!!
Vikas Agarwal .. your birthday tomorrow, well today actually, and so wishing you all the best ..
But a day of Sunday of rest and recouping did in fact give opportunity to recover lost sleep and ground for repair on the rib and the hairline fracture …
The morning was spent in mourning and visiting the house of Surinder Kapoor, Anil and Boney Kapoor’s father’s place to be present before they performed the last rites. Such moments bring sorrow to those that are directly affected. Such moments bring sorrow too to those that witness, for, in each of us there lies a story and a visual of an event that was more personal to you and involved your own loved one. Visions of the moment when your own loved and dear were in similar state and condition. And it is disturbing. The more you wish to remain away from it, the more it chases you and never does allow to be a part of that. The immediate wish and desire is to shy away, to not face it, to not allow it to take you along with it. But it does. And it does become difficult. The pain of such suffering is immense. But it is a pertinent reminder that no one shall be able to get away from this reality.
The wife is back after spending time with the children and grandchildren and full of delightful stories of them and their mischief. Grand parents live for such moments in life. We are no different.
But after the rest and the Sunday crowds, a visit to a function for the competition on body building by athletes from all over the world. And goodness … they are unreal these gentlemen and … women ! Its like seeing one of those hand painted structures of the human body, where every aspect and muscle is enhanced for better look. But here it is reality. No hand painted or structured abstract figures, its the real stuff, the real McCoy. Just so incredible !!
A quick exit from here to be at an Award ceremony for Television .. the ITA and 2 awards for me - an award for ultimate excellence through the years, and the other for best anchor for KBC. Some short speeches later back home to contemplate what needs to be done on the blog and on the twitter and how to convey and conduct what would be of interest for you …
What really is of interest for you ? I have often wondered. My routine of the day the work and its consequences ? Or my opinion on certain matters local and general ?
I find it most amusing how, particularly on twitter, the level of questioning is rather unique. Its almost like, at times, a reprimand or an assessment of your act or deed, done or undone, is dictated to you. Many shy away from it. They are not in the business of wanting to hear the negative or the undesired. But on a virtual platform, that exists and invites comment, it will not be possible to hear good all the time. Also it would be unfair to expect such activity. We are not all good all the time. Neither are we all bad all the time. A healthy mix of the good with the bad would do nicely. But one would have to have the courage to bear the adverse, to not allow it to cause disturbance, but instead to learn what needs to be kept or what destroyed. Many a time I find that even in the adverse their is an element that teaches me and that coerces me to accept it with the intention and hope that I shall benefit from it. Better do you not think … !!??
Its an early call tomorrow .. to far away place away from Mumbai … driving distance but away, and so it would need to get on to the road and beat the morning traffic, soon enough ..
Doing a commercial for FORCE Motors and the SUV that I had launched some days ago…
Good night then and sweet dreams … as always ..

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