Thursday, October 20, 2011

just finishing the day after a really early start …like 4:30 am

Sydney , Australia    Oct 18, 2011         Tue 11 : 10 PM
….and .. just finishing the day after a really early start …like 4:30 am !! But it was interesting ! The problem with such situations is that just at the moment you start getting familiar with the working, you have to leave !!
The one tragedy of life I guess. So I shall hopefully be over with this wonderful crew and production here in Sydney by tomorrow afternoon and head towards Brisbane to receive my Doctorate and then home ward bound. It has been a rewarding experience. The filming, the procedures, the discipline and the systematic manner in which productions are managed. There is a very committed attitude and desire to get the right moment and the right shot, irrespective of the time and repeats it takes and that is most educative. Equipments being used are of the highest quality and the latest and the respect for the talent is unbeatable. there is a sense of great proficiency and efficiency in the way work gets conducted here and that is remarkable. Each contributor, irrespective of the size of their work is and does have his or her moment of glory and acceptance. When a unit works as a well oiled machinery, your own work undergoes a certain finesse and commitment. This is most essential in a craft that deals with creativity. Creativity requires an atmosphere an ambience, ideal only to the one that creates. Yes a conditioned and controlled environ could work equally well for an artist as would one with immense disorganization as well. It is a factor that must be dependent on personal choice. One could sit inside the most elegant and affluent palaces and come out with a masterpiece as would one that did not possess such benefits. Both must be respected and admired. Some of the biggest classics have undergone such tests.
To complain or offer lame explanation of a situation which forced us to limit or make compromise with creativity is not the best attitude to have. I would be better off in suffering an adverse situation, but still putting in my best. The final product that reaches the paid patronage of the viewer does not carry a tag describing circumstances. That is not the business of the receptor, nor is it meant to be. And so in situations where conditions differ or are inconsistent with our own needs, I would tend to work that much extra to really defy in a sense what encumbrances have been put upon me. I may not succeed, but at least I shall not have or indeed not want the benefit of excuse !
An excuse is weak. It is the language of non achievers. I shall be willing to understand an excuse, but shall have problems overcoming them. And …. moreover … frequent excuses come from those whose caliber needs to be re looked at !!
I am presently not making any excuses for this short response … I am merely admitting fact that I need to hit the bed ..
To bed to bed and then to bed … !!
My love as ever ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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