Thursday, October 20, 2011

A hards days night and I’ve working like an obedient professional

Sydney , Australia               Oct  19/20 ,  2011          Wed/Thu  00:40 AM AusTime
A hards days night and I’ve working like an obedient professional. I was to travel to Brisbane tonight, but the work remained incomplete so I abandoned the idea and worked through till now, to travel tomorrow morning for the Doctorate and a reception and the opening of a Bursary in my Father’s name.

When great attention is given it embarrasses me, humbles me and leaves me without any words that I could possibly gather up to express. But they keep coming these situations and they keep throwing me int a dilemma. What does one do in situations such as these ? I must confess the best is not to allow them to have a place of prominence. But then you end up embarrassing the giver. So what does one do ?
I shall tell you what … you sit back even if its a late night and write about it to extended family, for they are the ones that shall understand you the best. So there ..
The day has been harsh and exacting, but the results shall I am certain be of great value. The sheer exposure to the ultimate in film technology has been a huge revelation. The modern and the latest equipment, the management and the most efficient production processes that the West exposes itself to has been incredible. And may I just add as an additional that the send off has been most generous warm and emotional. It was my last day of the shoot at ‘Great Gatsby’ and Baz Luhrmann has been a huge revelation. One always admired his work and had admired him as a person during our brief encounter before filming started. But these few days spent with him and the entire way in which he works, has been a massive learning exercise. Not just him but the entire crew on the film, the co artists everyone has overwhelmed me with their dedication warmth and desire to excel in even the most smallest portions requiring attention. This is what we need to learn in life. The desire to get into the smallest detail even though it is not seen or felt, exhibits the seriousness with which they feel towards a film of such magnitude.
I may have been a very small part of this film, but a very large part of the film shall remain with me. I have observed and witnessed new technologies, new production methods, management and the delegation of work with the utmost ease and above all the sincerity of the execution of whatever responsibility has been taken on by each person. We have envied the West and its methodology and its immense presence in the trade of film and film making. I know now why. Their concentration and desire to bring in the best there is in terms of clarity of vision and the execution to perfection, puts them in the category which makes them a different breed altogether. There is much to learn and imbibe, to share and experiment with. They have through a digital process now recorded several movements of mine through very intense and complicated looking machines at ‘Animal Tronic’ centers. It is most daunting that they do. But I guess they now have the ability to make me act through the digital without actually using me physically ! A dangerous omen for all actors. But it is possible and it has been done. Lets see whether they use it or not and how it translates into film ??

In the meantime … good night. I have just 3 hours to get some rest and board for Brisbane !
Amitabh Bachchan

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