Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TAAI award for ‘India’s Best Tourism Deppt Amongst All States for Year 201

those are the two awards that I got for BigStar .. clutching them close to me … !!
Jalsa , Mumbai      Dec 19/20,  2011           Mon/Tue  12 : 26 AM

And the Sunday well wishers .. waiting from the early hours and then finally as the light fails surging forward through the gates .. wonder if in all this you can spot some Ef .. ah ! had to rescue them out .. cooled them off, some soft drinks some pictures and then they went off .. emotional moment !!

the final trophy given by Tina Bhabhi, Tina Ambani and Dhanush of ‘Kolaveri ..

 and that is Dhanush in an impromptu Kolaveri sung live for me, with changed words .. so touched .. !!

Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Ranbir .. always a joy to be with them … actually Ranbir has to come over for a dinner date with me and I have not been able to call him over .. shall shortly !!

You will be glad to know that Gujarat Tourism won the prestigious annual TAAI award for ‘India’s  Best Tourism Deppt Amongst All States for Year 2011′ from Union Tourism Minister Subhodh Kant Sahai in Mumbai on saturday.Gujarat scored over other nominees Kerala and MP for this annual award.Gujarat tourism growth is 14 percent, twice that of national growth rate.    
This has been possible because of our  campaign ‘ Khushboo Gujarat Ki’.  Your contribution to the success story , is immense. Many thanks to you. 
Now that was from the Secretary Tourism Gujarat and it needs to be mentioned here that this is some achievement. Despite all the baseless criticism that came my way – that I was being paid large sums of money, that this was in lieu of favors done for me by the Gujarat Government and on and on and on .. But .. the system that was most vociferous in their tirade were the ones that now acknowledge it and offer awards in person.
In life as in many other aspects it is important to do your job well and sincerely. The rest follows on its own. Silence in such circumstances was never so loud and shall always be, come what may.

I wish to extend my apologies first for not posting this in the morning as promised. Sudden pressures of work came along and that prevented me, but I am here now and am excited that I connect well today.
I was wondering if you could spot Renate and the Ef gang in the mass of crowd .. really not recommended that they do this … it does get a bit wild at times .. But all the same it was great to be with them again and spend a few minutes cooling off from the pushing and shoving that was going on by the gate !!
I was on my Twitter account earlier in the evening and was contemplating on various issues that were erupting in my mind about civility, up bringing, cultured behavior and how they define the attitude and character of the human. Of rationality and integrity and why if you cannot possess them then those that do shall always find themselves out of place. For them it would not make any difference – they were never going to know refinement. But its always those that know that suffer, and bear. Maybe that too is individual destiny.
So for those that are not on my Twitter account may I request you to be there, so you could connect at times with what may have transpired earlier. And … it would raise the bar as far as the number of followers was concerned ! Would be great if that went up exponentially … we are at 1.77 million odd, need to propel it further.
Do you think I might expect that from you ??!!
Good night then and sleep well ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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