Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There has been greater recognition today again at another Awards night

Jalsa , Mumbai          Dec  18/19 ,  2011     Sun /Mon  1 : 24 AM
 There has been greater recognition today again at another Awards night. There has been the overflowing love and affection of the Sunday fans at Jalsa. There has been another emotional meet with the Ef, led by Renate at the gates of the Sunday fans, crushed, pushed, loss of shoes and a mobile .. but the joy of meeting up with them .. There has been Dhanush singing live for me ‘kolaveri di .. ‘ at the Awards but with different words to suit the occasion. There has been the meetings with colleagues of importance and great standing.
And all of this is in pictures to justify which due to the paucity of time I am unable to post tonight. But I shall tomorrow at the first sounds of the traffic !!
I must get to bed and to the gym tomorrow morning. The body lacks energy and it needs the tread mill, the weights, the breathing .. and more !
So for tonight I shall say a warm ending .. but with the promise of being with all of you again in the morning hour ..

Love to all …
Amitabh Bachchan

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