Friday, January 27, 2012

Coming in a short while ago from Rajkot on a heavily delayed flight

Jalsa , Mumbai                      Jan 25/26 ,  2012                      Thu/Fri  2 : 42 AM

Back as you can see in homely environs, coming in a short while ago from Rajkot on a heavily delayed flight. A marriage of a dear friend’s son tomorrow and mandatory to be here to bless the couple and be with the parents whose wedding I had attended too ! Some traditions run somewhat deep in this part of the world. Oprah Winfrey as she sat with us in Jalsa seemed amazed that joint families existed and that the tradition of the elder progeny wanting to stand on his own feet to be able to support the family and look after the aged parents, instead of selfishly running off to lead an independent life after striking 18 !!
But marriages are an important event and there is great emphasis on its attendance. Though some of the more wise have believed that missing a birthday or a wedding could pass muster, but never miss a funeral, it is always remembered !!
So I am home for just some hours, I get back to the grind and to the promotion of tourism in the State of Gujarat in a day. But I must admit even though the schedule has been extremely trying and tiring, I do miss the discovery of fresh and new locations, their history and of course the cheering crowds along the drive ways, ecstatic and so welcoming …
Junagadh is not a place often visited by film artistes and hence the enthusiasm to see them live and in person has a charm of its own, as also the turn out in large numbers on the streets to get a glimpse of their heroes. To many it must be the very first time they ever saw a movie star. The look on their faces and their expressions are a give away. The honesty of their feeling and the surprised looks within them is the most endearing factor for me. The cars and the cavalcade moves at some rapid pace, and it does become difficult to connect themselves with the actor. So I request the driver to slow down and if possible sit in the front seat for them to get  abetter view .. it works always, else they keep searching every car and before you know it its gone past and its over, that moment.
I reel over my desk now fatigued by the constant travel, the new bed, the new room and adjusting to it daily, so I shall seek forgiveness and beg leave. But I shall return !! And soon hopefully .. Till then . good night ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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