Friday, January 27, 2012

When many thoughts and ideas cross your mind

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 ET … happy birthday ! You are hidden in name, but not in our spirit of extended family .. love

When many thoughts and ideas cross your mind, how does one sift one from the other. All of them carry weight and value, all of them shed inhibitions to project themselves ahead of each other, and all of them believe they shall and will succeed ! I have no doubt at all that they will, but who shall have the priority is what disturbs me. We love to challenge our selves in modes of creativity, challenge ourselves when we seek to prove the other wrong, challenge ourselves to come out a winner against an adversary. Challenge is prime. Without it I wonder if achievement could ever be measured fairly. In fact the truest achievement comes from some form of a hidden challenge. We are either challenging another or ourselves. Challenge to avenge another comes from personal attributes. Creative challenge should come from us, our desire to prove ourselves different or wrong or both.
Challenge could be motivational too. A destination which could have been ignored or forgotten, but one that has now cultivated itself to such a degree that, when accomplished it shall bring satisfaction. Not just to ourselves but in the quality of the work undertaken.
One could strive for qualitative work, be immersed in it and succeed. But who is to judge what is quality. I believe in designing the quality. But that would be of a standard that complies with my assessment. It may not however, be complimentary to what some others may design. Who then shall set the standard. I believe that I have certain values of standard, as does another. But if these standards do not meet, who had the better ? Or rather who was the creator of the greater valued quality.
If your standard is not standard then who’s standard are we following, or not following. That is the million dollar question – or keeping day to day financials in mind, that is the the million Deutsch mark question. The German currency being the most important and of value than of any other in Europe or even the world at this moment. Smart, efficient, hard working German Deutsch mark creators. When the rest of Europe goes to party at 9 pm, the German they say, goes to bed – to rise early and work !! A fantastic resurgence, when all else around them is falling apart !
Anyhow. When the standards are set at a value which in your mind is of high value, they need respect and acceptance and recognition. But what of those that feel that the standard set by them, albeit inferior to ours, is prime. And what of those that consider that this then is the ultimate standard. Majority wins. True standard remains a minority and needs to be shunned or not brought attention to.
So the yardstick of excellence if judged by standard would obviously go to the majority. But they may not necessarily be the standard. And if the yardsticks are in a minority, then their presence or status shall ever be decimated or brought down the ladder, to remain there, undiscovered, ignored and trashed in one conclusive stroke.
In the world of desire for excellence, the bitter truth is that if your standard does not fall in the realm of the lower deciphered majority, you may well decide to pursue another vocation, for in this one, there shall be little hope.
My pursuits in excellence shall never deter me from a desire to achieve that, which I shall believe in my estimates to be of great value. It may never fall within the accepted category of the others, but so long as it falls within my own, I shall be a pleased and happy man.
I am a pleased and happy man in this respect, but perhaps never with respect to being satisfied. That satisfaction shall always be an eternal struggle ..
My love ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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