Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The year of 2012 begins with dusky clouds in the morning and a chill in the air

Jalsa , Mumbai         Jan 1/2,  2012                     Sun/Mon  12:05 AM                      
  Wishing GS a very happy birthday for the 1st of Jan and … a collective prayer for Manoj Lahoti’s 9 month old son who suffers in hospital .. and wishing Bhaskar for his birthday on the 2nd Jan .. may there be happiness all around …

The year of 2012 begins with dusky clouds in the morning and a chill in the air .. Nothing quite like the chill of Delhi or the snow and winter of the Western hemisphere, but chill enough for this part of the world, which has acclimatized itself to a healthy 28 to 30 degrees even in the cold. A laughing matter for most of you that live in minus temperatures, but here the wollies and the monkey caps are out in good measure …
But a prayer and a fast later, the sun does emerge and gives us the feel of almost a fresh and new beginning of the day the year and more .. It becomes strange almost to print in the numbers 2012, being so used to the 2011 for an entire year. Also January has come by after some deliberation and effort, as has the beginning of the year activities – awards !! The channels and the print magazines have sent in their initial invitations to block dates. Media friends have begun to soften in the requests for our presence, promising an event that shall be ‘different’ from the others, with a great amount of surprises thrown in …
But the initiation to the year at midnight has been sober and quiet and contemplated and this morning as predicted the pages of information in the press have contained the celebrations, the fireworks, the crowds at beaches and squares, and the special items of dance and frolic at major Hotels and events …
Abhishek has been able to spend an entire day with us after ages – he being flown in every day to different locations for his promotions for ‘Players’ releasing in a few days on the Friday – a fast paced slick film with some rather picturesque and daring stunts in some of the more remote regions of the world – New Zealand to the North Pole via Russia … well almost !!
It would be welcome if the Ef could spread the word around on the film ..
Stepping out to meet and greet the fans of Sunday .. they were large again in numbers and the controlling systems were in place unlike last Sunday when they had attempted to jump into my bed !!
With the son and Father now together almost ‘Sarkaar’ like in disposition .. ha ha !!
They come in all sizes .. cute and innocent until the doors open and they get pushed around ..but from today a system in place where the segregation of the sexes shall be in operation …
A side view outside the gate .. the family returns from Prateeksha after the Pooja and every car that goes in is received with shouts of recognition .. in fact I have slipped in from the back because the traffic has jammed and I am finding it difficult to enter my own home ..
More  … and more .. systems gone out of place momentarily .. but better results than that of the other days 
The system and the police in order, soon to be disrupted as the gates open …
a departure form the Sunday crowds, to the more lovable canine talks .. Shanouk and its owner up on the bill boards for the cover page of a magazine which we talked about earlier …
Injured … but happy to be at Jalsa ..

Seeking celestial presence .. wish I could be free someday to get to grow such beard, wear the ’tilak’ and the scarce clothing .. become saintly .. visit the snow capped mountains .. live in silent contemplation ..

Happy New Year .. be well and healthy and in great comfort to whatever you do …
My love with this day and the days to come .. however long ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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