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Jalsa , Mumbai      Feb 4/5 , 2012         Sat/ Sun  12 : 25 AM
Rajdeep Sardesai, owner, chief, boss and main anchor of respected channel CNN IBN, uses the ‘f’ word on twitter, for he says its time to tell all those who say CNN IBN is a ‘paid channel’ to **** off ! Ohooooooo !! That is wild and most unexpected from him. The journalist is the nations keeper. It informs, it debates issues, it exposes wrong, it corrects, it broadcasts to millions. To see them loose tongue their way through a criticism does not behove their stature and dignity in society. When those that look after and care after our morals and rights fall victims of what they preach or propagate, it demonstrates an ailment within them. For the mass that believes and dutifully follows what they say and state, it projects a malaise, which quite undoubtedly negates the purity with which they are believed and followed.
Loose the abuse, but not the respect.
Credibility needs a squeaky clean image. The slightest scar shall damage in eternity. I know what I say. I have been through it and have still never been able to wipe it off clean. When false accusations were directed towards my family and me on Bofors, I had stated in a prominent magazine then, that I ‘have been tarnished for life’. And even though we have proven ourselves clean, in the august portals of the legal systems of several nations including ours, there is that odd reference here and there. Never directly accusatory, but there allegedly.
One is never completely too far away from such entrapments. It could all happen again tomorrow, who knows. We are humans and prone to mistakes and errors. If there is error on my part I would like to believe that I hall admit it and pay the price for fault. But what if not. There can be only one route and that is the route of defense. Being defensive is taken by our ‘ fourth pillars ‘ as a sign of weakness, frailty and guilt. But really, how else does one put forward incorrectness.
Watch any media interaction or press conference and you will realize that the one that questions shall always sound the winner. The one that replies, if it does not adopt servility, should be prepared for adverse representation or comment the next day as a headline. It is the unwritten law of the vocation. Bear it, bend down towards it and take it on the chin. If felled down on the ground through bloody blows, get up if you can, brush the dust off the clothing, smile and stand up erect – to take the next punch !!

We await Abhishek to return from his shoot to wish him his birthday. It is past the midnight. It is now the 5th of Feb and we give him strength and wishes for this new year in his life.
We also send our warmest greetings to Valorie for her birthday. Have a wonderful birthday, may there be happiness and love always and may you enjoy your stay in our country …
Love to all .. and much more

Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Hello Mr. Bachchan,,
    I don't know if you remember me but my name is Mona and me and my friends had come from our medical school in Jaipur to see the shooting of Khuda Gawah. Anyway, now I am in the US and the reason why I am writing is to congratulate you on being a grandfather!!! I know the wishes are a bit late but I do hope you get this!! My daughter's have been egging me on to write to you and of course my husband thinks I am being silly to think that you would even remember me. Ha! Ha!
    With deepest regards
    Mona- official name Keshani Bhushan


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