Sunday, February 5, 2012

My deepest regard and respect to all those that wish my son Abhishek for his birthday

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Feb  5, 2012                   Sun 11 : 30 PM

My deepest regard and respect to all those that wish my son Abhishek for his birthday, and on being informed of this he sends his greetings and acknowledgements too .. Thank you !!
The fingers move faster tonight, and no they are not the dangerous left overs of the after effects of last nights’ film ‘Contagion’. Its the ladies with the smart dresses that come in and pamper your nails and feet as you watch India go down again to the ‘Ozzies in the one dayer of the Tri Series Cricket, down under. I still exercise my vote to our lads, and am certain that these blues, pun not intended, shall soon be replaced by great positive effort. One that shall surprise many.
Prayer and the scriptures that narrate and belong to times of old, of belief and devotion shall always intrigue many non believers. But the extent of the texts and scriptures that one comes across, justifies it all. Somewhere someone devised it all for us, and left us to handle it – with a bit of care no doubt.
Many ask me my faith when I travel abroad and they are unable to connect with Hinduism and its belief. I am not one that works in discrimination, or selective attachments on matters of humanity. But the divisions caused by centuries of living together, not always at peace, will go down in history as that one unchanged factor in the existence of the human. Yet we must respect the odds that exist, follow diktat and show greater feeling towards those that least deserve it.
Oh dear , I tire and tire fast .. I must keep this short and sufficient .. with my love for all …
Amitabh Bachchan 

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