Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Many that read my prosaic prose of yesterday felt a sense of togetherness and longing

Jalsa  ,  Mumbai               Feb 1/ 2 ,  2012                   Wed/ Thu  12 : 05 AM

 I have but nothing to give … nothing to say … nothing to share. My givings are my misgivings with you, or so you believe and think. I think not. Openness of heart can invite misgivings. Openness of heart can provide subtle relief of togetherness. Openness of heart can divide, join and dissipate all that one is supposed to believe and honor. Be that. Be strong and with will, it fills with abstract form somewhat rapidly.

In for a few hours into Jalsa has kept me lazy and occupied with nothingness. Not such a bad state to be in provided one is aware of its consequences. Consequences may differ from person to person. They may have inverse connotations. They may damage or bring prosperity and happiness. Depends how you wish it to behave. I allowed mine to take me along with it. Never did dictate or put force in to practice even though at times situations do demand that. There is  natural flow in life – allow it to function on its own and it will, happily !! Bring in consequences and barriers rise, blockages abound galore. The sight of our own form does not vision right and it provokes us to abandon it. Abandon ? That would be disastrous, do you not think ??
Many that read my prosaic prose of yesterday felt a sense of togetherness and longing. I have to say this that it was not me or mine. It was the ‘ghazal’ that played repeatedly in my mind, its thoughts were divine and I merely put them in my own perspective and meaning. They were indeed romantic. But then the ‘ghazal’ format has often been just that. Its expressions bountiful, fulfilling and of desire. Equally it could become one of great remorse and disillusion. Depends on the state you wish to take it in. Tough decision, but taken with some ease I would like to believe.

I leave again on promotional trail – to mountains and hills, tomorrow. The wollies will be most welcome and desired. They – the wollies – here in this city await usage. They hardly ever are, so they look forward to this trip with great joy and the happiness of being worn. I suppose they too have their complexities and desires. Never must we look back at them with distaste. Their warmth is all embracing. It is material but warm all the same and …. close to the heart !!
The midnight gongs have long been struck, the hot water bottle looses its sheen each hour that is remains unused. I must retire to it, to hold between and give attention. Their sense of ego and demand for attention can be worrying at times. Upsetting them would not be wise. All it requires after all is for them to open their mouths and the ruin of the wet that belches out on the sheets shall destroy your night permanently ..

Good night then … and with love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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