Monday, March 12, 2012

Its past the Human Rights hour and there is a sense of missing the regimented routine

Jalsa , Mumbai                          Mar 10/11 ,  2012                            Sat/ Sun  1 : 01 AM

Its past the Human Rights hour and there is a sense of missing the regimented routine, prescribed in valued interest by the doctors and those connected for my management. But an afternoon nap went on till almost 8 in the evening ! To be up again and to go down again so early seemed odd … hence the indiscipline !

I notice with some degree of sadness that of late the number of respondents decreases, or at best remains around the figure of the 200-240 !! And I wonder if the Ef diminishes, or that they feel compelled to go else where !! I know that one of the inspiring moments are my own responses to them, and I admit that I have not been regular at all in that context. But time is an important factor, and soon I shall start devoting more time to this end of the story.

A spurt in the energy quotient this evening gave me hope of rapid strides being made in the recovery department, and I do hope that it continues, for, the work time limits come closer with each day. Maybe I shall jump out of the bed one day and jump into the fray. Hello there, I am back !

‘HomeLand’ ended, and ended my Tv viewing with sudden abruptness. It has been such an absorbing watch. Not since ’24′ have I been struck by something so involving and gripping. One longs now for the next lot of the season to come in, but in the meantime some very considerate Ef and TwFmXt, give suggestions for another serial and I shall explore it well. Thank you. The level of production, performances and the creativity behind each episode is simply remarkable. The oft repeated assessment, that television has gradually brought in more economics has been proved beyond doubt. And the difference has been more than substantial, it has doubled. At least here in this part of the world. I doubt if in any other country the number of tv channels in operation would be as large as in India – over 400 of them. This is enormous ! Feeding them for 24 hrs is one of the most important and difficult battles of channel owners. We often criticize the content that broadcasts itself on these mediums, but seldom give thought to the fact that if content sells the channel exists. Getting interesting content and keeping the remote away from possible surfing, is a mammoth task, and all kinds of experiments, not always appealing are in use to make it happen. What the masses want, what shall keep them glued to one and not the other, is by itself a huge process of research. What goes on in the think tanks each morning at edit meets must be one of the most interesting episodes by itself. Maybe someday, it could form material for film. I know in Hollywood they did attempt it with a marvelous film, or films, for many have been made. Here, with ‘Rann’ a small effort was attempted, but there is still some room for many other attempts to be made.
Is all that we see factual. Does it contain any element of manufacturing. How intriguing is it to bring in the clients and the customers. Do the anchors believe in the depth of the subject at hand. Are they affected by its importance. Do they feel as much as the tragedy they explore, or is it just another mechanical job to be done and then forgotten ..
A million thoughts run through and a million answers shall be ready to be given. Interesting and intriguing … both !!
For now what is interesting is how the night shall fare. And for that it is important that certain dictats be followed.
Good night and with love to all …
Amitabh Bachchan 

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