Monday, March 12, 2012

Human Rights arena and attempt to get to bed early

Jalsa , Mumbai                       Mar  9 ,  2012                         Fri  11 : 44 PM

At last after many nights a night when I hope to beat the Human Rights arena and attempt to get to bed early. Perhaps the body may not respond to such early adventures, but we shall soon find out ..
The laptop went on the blink and now after spending some anxious moments with the engineer, have finally got it back. Restored, repaired and respectable. It has also now been loaded with the latest Intel, or whatever it is called, which has a speed modification – it moves faster ! It was what they called the ‘Snow Leopard’ and now its the ‘Lion’. And delightfully the engineer has put up a massive face of an African Lion as my wall paper, or face page, or what ever it is called in computer language. It looks majestic and strong and so in command.

So …. finally watched ‘Kahani’, the new release made by my dear mad friend Sujoy Ghosh, who made ‘Aladin’ with me. And my message to him after all the congratulatory tones was – ” what the heck were you doing all this while making films like Aladin ” ??!!
Such a wonderfully gripping story shot superbly and enacted by all the cast so deliciously. I feel a sense of great joy to be in some minuscule manner a part of this film in commentary and song. I am often wary of voice overs to film. Most of the time they fail ! But I am certain this one will keep the box office flag flying … well done Sujoy, and keep up the good work .. !!

The Gujarat Tourism has used a unique technique to promote their campaign. They have covered an entire metro train New Delhi with promotional pictures – both inside and outside, a first of its kind. And whoever thought of it deserves plaudits. Wonder if it can be put up here … let me try ..
Also please find the link below of the Train Exterior video.

The doctors say I improve and soon may permit me to move out of the house. Not extensively, but just enough to either the office which lies behind Jalsa or Prateeksha another 100 meters away to soak in the sun and perhaps increase my walk pattern. And then after another fortnight, to be able to visit the gym .. nothing strenuous, just a gentle tread mill, and some free arm exercises …
The musical clock just struck 12 ! Cinderella, back from the palace to the house, before you lose all your elements .. or whatever is left of it !!
I must get back to the piano, and song and voice to get my strength back, for there is a great amount of work in the not too distant future that shall be needing the services of my vocals.
Two deaths in quick succession from the film Industry – Music Director Ravi, and Joy Mukherji, a star in his own right during his time. Sad .. slowly they all leave us …
The Lion roars ! Indicating that I have long overstayed. I must obey. And so till the morrow, a good night and a sweet dream .. soft gentle pillows and bed, a lullaby to ease the process and a warm duvet to keep you cozy and warm ..
Love and love …
Amitabh Bachchan

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