Thursday, August 2, 2012

Acting Guru Lake full of Swans, Nostalgia Brimming With Magical Wands

DAY 1565

Acting Guru Lake full of Swans, Nostalgia Brimming With Magical Wands 
July 31/Aug 1 , 2012      Tue/Wed  2 : 11 AM  IsT

The swell in the well, brings tears of times past. That quiet moment when no one around. Studies were what was told of us to do, but when the elders left, that vinyl brought by my Father would go up on winding gramophone, the only possession my Mother could bring along with her when she left her home to marry. The allocated solo room at 13 on the Crescent would be converted to an imaginary scenario, of dance and moment. And swaying along empty handed, with a supposed partner, one transported oneself into a world that would one day become real - the movies !
But the grandeur and the color and the dance of exquisite quality, pertinent to the region, was an exhibition of incredible talent, hours and years of perfection achievement, and the  unchallenged appreciation and applause of wonder held expressions of those that sat in vast numbers, in historic surroundings.
The status of region may change, their philosophy may have undergone drastic upheavals, but culture and aesthetics, dedication and finesse and the ability to excel in a world which competes fiercely, still remains in fighting tact. There is nothing here that cannot be anywhere else. This is a destination that commands revisiting rights, and I shall willingly succumb to it.
Travel again in the morrow and a hesitant ‘good bye’ shall be most unwelcome with those that show care. But of this I am certain - I shall be back, more often than ever before !
I was wondering whether those that heard my audio blog last night were aware that the sounds of the keyboards were done by me fiddling my fingers on a piano that lies unattended close by. I used to have a fairly sophisticated system long years ago, in fact just before my injury on the sets of ‘Coolie’. And when I resumed work, there were hours that I sed to spend in recuperating at home, but in the delighted presence of my electronic piano - a  rare piece of equipment, of which I knew nothing whatsoever. Soon after my recovery, there were many projects that were done out of Mumbai, towards the Southern regions of the country, and on request, my Producers would happily ship all my stuff to the location. I would in the late hours after work, sit and single finger the keys, keeping a two-in-one by the speakers to record what was hysterically being produced. But on a long drive from Bangalore to Mysore, I kept repeating my little number, until two of my South producers who had travelled with me and dozed off in the back of the car while I drove, suddenly woke up and asked if I could give them a copy of the music. I agreed readily, only to realize much later that the reason for their interest could well have been to prevent me playing that stupid tape again and again !
I now have a gift of another electronic machine and many a time I am tempted to record my most amateur renderings through somewhat professional means that exist inside. If ever this comes out as appealing to you, I shall most certainly start a section on my Digital Domain, or my Blog, where this could be heard. The advantages of internet communication is of course the fact that the ‘eggs’ and the ‘tomatoes’ that would normally accompany such act, through airborne means on to the stage, would be avoided ! Long may the internet live and long may it continue to be of companionship to others !
It is strange that the issue of the accident has come up. Tomorrow is the 1st of August and the day after shall be the 2nd of August - my second birthday ! Happy birthday Mr B, and never forget that I was the first one to wish you. There has been so much detail and talk for this day, that it would be unethical almost to speak about it now. But I had once promised to give those details in the days to come and I shall. Though I may warn you that they are not all pleasant to read, or even describe.
I talk too much of myself today. This is unlike me. I feel though, prompted by several others, that it was time for my experiences to be tabulated. Autobiographical attempts have always drawn me away from the process. Its the constant use of the ‘I’ that is disturbing. Raj Thackeray and me, once during a conversation at my house, agreed on this. He too felt that writing an autobiography was not on the cards, for similar reasons !
Anyway !
The television beckons me, as do the events in London of 2012. Champions before, have tumbled, the fresh and the new have excelled and how beautifully succession has arrived on its 12 horses and ridden well ahead of all that we thought to have been nailed. The human race continues to improve on speed, lifting and height. Not in our life time, but were this to continue, would it mean the end of the Olympiad ? There would be nothing left to beat, in time to come !!
Come come dear man - do you really think this would be possible ? Naaahh !!
Allow me then to disappear … with your kind permission of course and with your blessings and love ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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