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Materialism at times stuns you into silence and contemplation

DAY 1567

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Manoj Prasad : A very happy birthday to you, and thank you for working so hard on the promotions of BhTB !! Enjoy !!

Materialism at times stuns you into silence and contemplation. The need and desire to possess that which we never could in early ages, presses a nature button inside, and though you cringe at times on excess, something inside you keeps countering your process of thought – ‘I didn’t have it then, I was not with means, I worked hard, I developed means … now if I do possess, it is justifiable !’.

At times, when others think of irrational bent of mind on matters such as these, you are tempted to allow your thoughts to build answers that may seem absurd and out of context, but honesty brings truth to the fore, and your claim is stamped with what many may consider, honorable !
I am not Mark Antony’s ‘honorable’ Brutus, but I am me and I do give space and time for reflection, one that draws from within. I may not share it with all – most reflections generally get the privacy of a mirror, in the privacy of your private region – but ever so often, these days in particular, one does get the desire and urge to let it all out. They say age has a lot to do with it. I would not challenge that.

The early years soon after birth, are spent in wonder and amazement of who and what we are, oblivious of so many ‘other wonders’ that await us as we grow. A few years down the line, gets us to ask why they have and we don’t. Some more years pass by and the true realization dawns upon us – we are all not equal. Certain truths bewilder us, disturb and disappoint us. And for long we live in such condition, fated as it were to our birth and existence. Then suddenly a strange phenomena takes over, or begins to show signs of an emergence that defies the past, accepts the present, but instead of languishing in its theory, builds resistance to it and puts it among the brightest of colors for the future.
Blessed are they that converge to these climates, for they are quite inadvertently going to become victims of grave storms and turmoil. Of vicious turbulent waters that we shall sail on, and dark threatening skies that wander above us.
There are many that succumb in these circumstances, give it limited fight and resign themselves to fate. There are others that never venture within even a wide radius of it. And there are some that face the waters and storms straight on the face and chest, get washed away time after time, yet keep getting up with unlimited spirit and resolve, to beat that which has threatened to destroy them and their effort.
These are the ones that the world applauds and admires. But these too are the ones that come under greater scrutiny and abuse. Greater scrutiny and abuse because, there are a very limited number of them around. Majority prevails in most circumstances that the world and the human race finds itself in. And majority it is that prevails here too. You cannot expect to be in an exclusive class by yourself and not be considered for retaliation, envy and resentment. Indeed if you are not blessed with these ‘wonderful attributes’, then you might consider erasing your name from that much admired list !! Tough to consider, tougher to relent.

A capitalistic environment would create openings and build atmosphere for those that wish to take on the fight for material gain. A socialistic pattern would resist it, preaching and prevailing the benefits of what they believe to be a better way of life. Because human nature is so violently idle and mysterious, this fight shall never end. Each shall prove to the other that their ways of thought are and were correct. They will show-case their following in more than just a simple theoretical argument. There shall be attempts to prove it in all possible avenues – militarily, politically, socially, in entertainment, in manufacture and development, in infrastructure and building, in entertainment and sport, indeed in all aspects of our evolvement.
If you can build the ‘bomb’ we can too. If you can send a human into space we shall too. If your political system propagates democratic principles and succeeds, our monarchial descendent dictatorial single leadership, communistical rule does better. You build sophisticated computers and cars and electronics. We shall build the same at a quarter price, copyright be damned. If your democratic system gets you the greater Olympic medals tally, our athletes shall beat yours and we shall rule the standings. It used to be USA vs USSR. Now its CHINA vs USA, after the break up of the Soviet Union. The medals tally at the end of each day at the recent Olympics speak for themselves. Frequent accusations and dishonest competition incidents, shall flourish in London 2012, between competing teams. Episodes of unfair games being played for higher standings, drug abused athletes being brought down from their pedestals, unpleasant umpiring … the lot. A 16 year old Chinese swimmer, shoots off like a missile in the competition pool and questions and dissenting debates of her achievement do not stop. There is a deathly silence, when she touches the edge for the Gold medallion. There is little doubt that it is disbelief of performance and her talent, there is a lot more belief in finding justifiable questions to ‘what drug is she on’ . Both parties vie for attention and supremacy !!

What nations of great historical standing, stature and presence do … is, what the human does, wrong ??

‘I am stunned into silence and contemplation’ …

Good night …

Amitabh Bachchan    

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