Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The desire and the power of youth is a miracle of nature

Jalsa, Mumbai          Aug  13/14,  2013                Tue/Wed  2 : 31 AM

The desire and the power of youth is a miracle of nature. The will, the determination and the confidence of wanting to get and do something is simply unfathomed. As you look back at those days, or the days and acts of the youth of today one wonders at the acumen that they displayed, the strength of their conviction and the accomplishment that they so achieved. There was an air of carefree disdain, almost harbouring on arrogance. But no .. it was never arrogance, it was what youth brings with it - the confidence of achievement.

What a glorious chapter it is in all our lives. And as we look back on it, we are at times ourselves taken aback by its atrociousness. We wish and wonder when those times shall return, knowing fully well that they never shall, but just its remembrance fills us with an energy that provokes us to match to excel what we did then, and do it better … 

Some that reconcile with time, as must they should, find life to be complacent quiet, silent and peaceful in their everyday environs - a walk in the park with fellow team, that game of golf early in the morning with their decided group and later a quiet drink in the restaurant discussing the strokes and the bets that they concluded, the proverbial rocking chair with book or pet, or in some with their grandchildren, teaching them the tricks of the trade, the whys and wherefores of the world, tips that they shall cherish all their lives, meeting old friends and spending evenings recounting the events of days gone by …

It is a natural phenomena to be in such state .. there is repetition in all that is done, there is routine, which if broken by a mere nano second, has the capacity to ruin the mental set up of the elder … they need that … they function so, and that needs to be acknowledged and respected …

Most importantly however, it has been noticed that solitude is a craving at this stage and age .. I have always wondered why ..

But for me … I am blessed … for I have the blessings and the constant connection with my extended family. When I need to talk, I talk. When I need to share I share, and when I need to be left alone, I am graciously left alone. This is an ideal situation, but not always adhered to. Many think it to be rude and disconnected, many demand a response and constantly … if there are several platforms to get in touch with me, each medium shall be bombarded with questions complaints requests … little realising that for the other this may be an immediate want, for me though it is something that I accept but find it difficult to pay attention to as immediately as demanded - there are other works to be attended to as well ..

A lapse i this results in all kinds of insinuations, harsh conjectures and livid accusations. That is not what I shall want or appreciate. I do not sit idle continuously in font of my phone or lap top waiting for the next request to come in .. I have other work and commitments of equal if not more important nature. That needs to be understood and conveyed in the manner of your communication. When you write back that ‘what is the matter with you, I have been writing so much and there is no reply ?’ or ’ i am really upset that you treat me in an alien fashion “, it further confirms to me your complete disregard of my circumstances. If you are unable to reckon with this as a dedicated Ef, what can I say in response. It builds in me a barrier, artificially though, of one that does not put himself or herself in my shoes ..

I am most appreciative of the connect. But I cannot physically attend to its immediacy .. in time I shall … but in time .. !! Which if I may say with a certain degree of praise, is more than what most others do. Hired staff and team that take care of running a site and its responses is a method, but not my method.

There is accusation of a bias and deliberate favouritism. Wrong ! There is balance and equality to the best of my acumen … and that is how it shall remain ..

The drowsy drugs keep me horizontal for hours without knowing. Timings are at an absurd level .. the stride is wonky to say the least and the speech, matter of fact and neighbouring on extreme tiredness …. BUT .. my connect is unshakable .. and shall ever be so ..

Love and a drowsy Good night to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

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