Thursday, August 1, 2013

The videos of various activities have been put up

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 31/Aug 1, 2013                Wed/Thu  1:03 am

The videos of various activities have been put up .. do peruse. The video on Uttarakhand is just a pre release information cut, done to bring attention to the telethon to take place on Aug 15th , when we shall all be doing almost a 24 hr tv programme to collect funds and resources for those affected by the disaster at Uttarakhand …

Prasoon Joshi, the writer poet and advertising guru has written a poetry which shall be rendered by me to a music piece, and which shall be rendered on the day. Contributions in monetary terms are already being registered. Many have done their bit, as have I. I have always refrained from mentioning what I do in charity and shall continue to be so, irrespective of caustic, abusive and downright rude comments. That does not bother me. What bothers me is the limit of ignorance and deliberate unwanted speech that many go through. For they are making desperate effort to disguise their own shortcomings, by being critical to another. I shall always look upon them with pity and great sympathy. They need treatment, and they shall never get it.

The campaign for atrocities against women and children has begun, and as ambassador for the UN I give it my involvement. Certain sites shall be put up and I do hope you all shall be able to follow it … its a noble cause, and it helps when millions speak out ..

A wonderful sitting with Aadesh Srivastava on the music for Sudhir Mishra's film, and a long session defining composing ideating all that the film needs. It is such a unique process, one that most of the audience shall never get opportunity to witness … but in time they shall … i shall start putting up videos of those moments … it shall be delightful to watch ..

There have been discussions too with the digital team on some new innovations for the cyber world, and soon they should be coming up for distribution and sharing .. 

The world moves at a faster pace now and keeping up with it and them is such a necessity and need. The entire world sits on an exciting future in this phenomena .. it shall change the way we all think, move, act .. such a wonderful world it shall be .. and we may never get to see it in our lifetime .. !!

There is a selfishness that creeps in when we think of the future. There is wonder whether we shall be around to witness it. But that is the world for us, and that is how it shall be .. for all 

My love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

Mahendra Gorele

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