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In the solitude of Jalsa The ladies are away The children

October 1, 2009 - 8:23 pm

Jalsa, Mumbai October 1, 2009 Thu 8:21 PM

In the solitude of Jalsa. The ladies are away. The children, grand that is, have gone to encourage a family colleague, who plays a rock band at Ecole Mondial, a flourishing school in the vicinity. Jaya has left early to be with the Harmony Show, conducted by Mrs Tina Ambani, where the elders of society are honored and the me has just returned from Juhu Wala Marriott after describing the benefits of devouring honey made by Dabur to be the important factor in ones health. More media, more speeches, more cameras, more people … but the solitude within and now in the home.

BigAdda has now confirmed that the link up with Face Book and the blog has indeed taken place. This is a first apparently. A blog coming on to FaceBook. And so its champagne time ! Well metaphorically !! We can go there and they can here. Not able to comprehend ? Ok over to BigAdda …

Dear Sir,

A) We take pride in informing you that your blog is now live on facebook. We have monitored it for a week and now it is working very good.

The idea of taking you blog on facebook as an application was to broad base the availability across different internet destinations.

Kindly find attached a note detailing out step by step process of accessing the application on Facebook. We can also come personally to give you a complete demo of the same.

As discussed in our earlier meeting now we can make an announcement about the same on your blog, so that your EF come to know.


That document above should give you a process of getting on or off FaceBook. Cool eh ?

Many in the meet and greet event today harped on good health and how I maintained those elements. I found the glorification of the issue of my health a little exaggerated, but since the quality of the product was under public view, I endorsed indirectly the importance of the ingredient. Health really is a state of mind to me. If the mind is healthy, the body will show it. If not then not. When we harbor hatred and malice, guile and mistrust, ugliness and abuse, our faces shall express them in vivid detail. When we inhabit happiness and wellness, laughter and joy, good counsel and openness our skin shall glow and the body stride out with confidence and bounce. Yes the regular bits count - controlled diet, controlled exercise, but the mind will always be supreme, in all aspects.

Prateeksha, Mumbai Thu 11:43 PM

Shifting base but not sentiment, shifting physically not mentally … shifting but never drifting.

I seek strength and courage, prayers and blessings. Tomorrow I start the first day recordings for Bigg Boss Season 3 and the butterflies and the shivering knees occupy most of my thoughts. Every new venture brings with it the apprehensions and the uncertainty of creativity. What is it about this profession that makes us thus. If the moment of judgement were to be postponed or withdrawn it would be the greatest jubilation for all of us. But uncertain as we are just before I cannot say what switch turns us on into the ever efficient performer once the lights and the action is demanded. It is a study in nature and in human behavior. The abnormality of the moment is a case study by itself.

I shall never know and neither will those that suffer with me, but it is a unique phenomena and I wonder if there would ever be sufficient interest in it for it to be researched and analyzed. There are many in the fraternity that take courage and strength from external objects of stimulus consumption. There have been several known and unknown cases that come to mind. Celebrity in them makes for derogatory reference and comment, but seldom has there been compassion expressed in understanding the circumstances of the accused. It may well be the necessary compulsive potion that would temporarily drive within them a sense of security, hitherto not experienced. Making myself secure is human. Secure from the travails of status, from the pressure of output, from protection of failure and a million other thoughts that run through the mind of an average John. But never have I heard words of compassion on their condition, or the troubles that put them there. The celebrity is never to be equated with good or good deed, because celebrity has never to be associated with contribution to society. They are outcasts, evil monolithic rogues, that destroy culture, ethos and tradition. They are the bane of existence and they must be knocked on the heads and kept in place. So judge those, that judge conscience of a nation. And once done, these judges of society deliver and disappear. They are never accountable, they never will get the thrill of entrepreneurship, nor will they ever be held responsible. Once the column is filed and closed, so also is their conscience. This episode is over and done with, lets look for tomorrow’s game, is the refrain. Its a good life !!

For those in love and in prayer ..

Amitabh Bachchan


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