Wednesday, December 22, 2010

आज पूजनीय माँ की पूर्ण तिथि आज तीन वर्ष पूर्व उनका देहांत हुआ Amitabhi Bachchan

Jalsa , Mumbai       Dec  21,  2010    Tue  11 : 27 PM

आज पूजनीय माँ की पूर्ण तिथि . आज तीन वर्ष पूर्व उनका देहांत हुआ और विश्व की सबसे सुंदर माँ हमें हमेशा के लिया छोड़ के चली गयीं .

सुबह से ही उनके ख्याल, उनकी यादें मेरे साथ रहीं . हनुमान जी की उपासक , और गुरु ग्रन्थ साहेब की श्रधा भक्ति में डूबी रहेने वाली , माँ आज हमारे साथ नहीं हैं .

बाबूजी के प्रति , संतान के प्रति , और अपने मित्रों के प्रति उनका बस एक ही धेय था . समर्पण .

और इन सब के लिए दिलो जान से लड़ जाना बिना झिझक के उनका लक्ष होता था .

माँ ! आज हम सब आपको याद करते हैं , और श्रधांजलि अर्पित करते हैं .

21 st December, today, I lost my Mother after a long battle with medicines and hospitals and doctors. A strong lady, full of the enthusiasm of life, never a defeatist, bright and confident in every circumstance, encouraging even in the most trying conditions, a tigress when protecting her family and understanding beyond all else.
I stood in front of her portrait as I do every morning seeking her blessings and recited a few strains of the Hanuman Chalisa, a favorite with her. A few well wishers and family called and smsed their thoughts. I expressed my gratitude. And another day in the life of mine moved along. That is the way it shall be. Nothing special done, nothing special spoken, nothing special reacted to. In the end it is just us and our thoughts. Committed and without any compromise.
There was lunar eclipse today at 1:47 PM IST. It came after 372 years ! The last being on 21 st December 1638, when the sun the moon and the earth were in the same line. A unique phenomena ! Some say it brings good tidings, some the other. For me it seemed an indication of what had gone by. It was around this time 3 years ago that Mother passed away and our lives were eclipsed forever !
I have not much to say this evening, except what I have already said. It does not seem fair to me to involve others into a personal feeling, even though you are all my extended family. I share with you your generous thoughts for today and thank you for them. And I do know that this is not any vacant expression. It is genuine and meaningful.
Amitabh Bachchan

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