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Sachin and his 50 test hundreds

Sachin and his 50 test hundreds
Jalsa , Mumbai       Dec  20 , 2010      Mon  11 : 40 PM
The entire day has been spent in trying to attend to millions of sms on the mobile asking me to join in at a discussion cum debate on the television, for the reaction to Sachin and his 50 test hundreds ! And I have deliberately and I feel judiciously remained away from it and not responded.
There are as always, many reasons for this. Firstly, I am amused by the thought that every time there is a topic that comes up in which the media shows interest, they seek reactions from us common folk. And I have often wondered, why would they believe that we in the film industry would ever be in possession of such wisdom, which would give inputs of any value. We are the ‘film industry’ as we all know ! We are ‘filmy’ - an almost derogatory terminology used by the media often - and therefore less possessed of any semblance of what is right, what is fashionable, what is politically correct, what ails society, what compromises our morals, and a host of other similar issues that plague our systems. So why come to us ?
And secondly, why must there be a debate or even a discussion on whether Sachin is greater than Don Bradman or not ? Sachin is greater, period ! By bringing the topic up for debate you are somewhere unsure whether he really is deserving of being great or not ! And this is objectionable to me. How much more does one have to do to prove one’s credentials. And who are the media to concur who is great or not ? We know he is. Matter over. Do not, I plead bring down the stature of this great son of the land by continuously comparing him to others. Let others compare themselves to him. Why do we always play it the other way around ? Why are we so complexed ! Why do we always want to describe our achievement or subject with a comparison from the West. Alright, the West is far developed than us, is richer materially, advanced and secure. So how does this give us the need to comment that they are superior. Or that the best comes from there and not here.
Yes, thousands of years of slavery under foreign invaders and rulers, has made us submissive and servile. But being servile does in no manner display the fact that there are some regions where we have excelled too. And in such a short time span. Ridding ourselves of dependence and coming out in this hugely competitive world through great individual enterprise, indigenous and unique.
Under these circumstances, under a suppressed environment, under the constant shadow of being made to feel inferior, when we do excel, do not compare us with others. It diminishes our own most deserving value and strength and status.
I do not for a moment wish to demean the accomplishments of others. They are hugely impressive and of immense value. They are great, but we are greater ! At least in this most pertinent yardstick set by our own Sachin Tendulkar. And I have this to add. Had this achievement come from one in the United Kingdom or the US of A, you would have seen how fantastically proud and poised they would have been towards their hero. Their love appreciation and acknowledgement towards their fellow countryman would never have permitted the mention even of anyone from another state or region. This I shall hand to them. When it comes to propagating their own cause they are far far superior than us.
We are, I believe in a state of deep complex. We think so little of ourselves that we allow and permit other lesser achievers to make us look small and worthless. We are not ! Its just that we have no concept of how we need to market ourselves. How to take pride in ourselves and in what we achieve.
‘When will you be working in a Hollywood film, Mr Bachchan ?’ , is often asked of us. ‘We want to see you win an Oscar’ .. or ‘when will this film go to the Oscars ?’ See we have already accepted defeat. We have concluded beyond any argument that the Oscars and Hollywood are superior than us. That that is a title that marks the highest honor. I have no qualms in accepting that Hollywood is far advanced, but that does not still make it the final destination. Why should it. Take pride in our own system. Why … oh  this is the Tom Cruise of the Hindi Film Industry, or so and so is the Brad Pitt of … when we go to introduce a subject or issue or character. Why can it not be that Tom Cruise is the ShahRukh Khan, or Brad is the Salman of … !!!
When we shall take pride in our own heroes without any comparison to others, we will find others complimenting our sentiments, looking up to us, and putting us on that pedestal where we belong.
I visit the UK often and I observe that every time there is a British defeat or an unsuccessful venture, they will always put up for public broadcast a previous achievement of the country, almost immediately. It shows the character of a nation. On our ‘Face the Nations’ and ‘We the people’ all we do is take immense pleasure in tearing down and making our own system look false and down.
Unless we learn to acknowledge our own achievements how on earth can we expect others to.
So stop this debate on whether Sachin is superior or not ! He is ! And the entire world needs to honor it !
Love good night and may you have a pleasant sleep !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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