Friday, March 4, 2011

I cannot believe this somebody from the Twitter family actually found my lost post

Bhopal, MP   Mar  1/2,  2011      Tue/Wed  12 : 21 AM

I cannot believe this … somebody from the Twitter family actually found my lost post and here it is .. thank you Gupta …
  1. Goodness ! What a day ! Millions of reactions on the topic of discussion and millions of such interesting inputs coming in from sources one would never have imagined. Its been an education for me, to have come to know so many facts hitherto unknown. Thank you all the EF and sincere apologies if I had to leave many of you out in response. It was just getting impossible to address each one, much as though I would have liked to. One look into the mirror and seeing my deteriorating redness of eye and that was it.
  2. But we must pursue this discussion further some day. It is interesting, informative and intelligent. Paves the way for history to be recollected, paves the way for detail of so many aspects related to it and finally brings us to a path where we are compelled to assess, where did it and why, it all began.
  3. Its been a quiet day otherwise. In the middle of time exhausting schedules, to get space creates problems too. Luckily I have you and this house of ours to sit and talk to. To share and express within ourselves. Else it does create a vacuum as to what one must attend to.
  4. When in doubt, I go back to my Father’s works and spend time in consuming the vast bank of wisdom through his writings. They are therapeutic. They open doors never opened before, draw attention to issues that could have escaped attention, bring life and nature close enough for you to breathe and smell their existence, allow introspection and finally, to find a gentle space inside, where they rest in the comfort of your being.
  5. It is strange how such incidents find a place within us. The greatness of good writing is the ability for the reader to identify himself or herself with the written word. To find a meaning that identifies them with the issue or the bent of the author. This may not always be true, but generally if troubled, the human tries immediately, to be in the company of those that suffer similar, or put himself in a circumstance where there is comfort in the thought, that he or she is not alone, burdened as it were with their individual encumbrances. You align yourself to such situations and people, because you feel that your embarrassment is not singular, that there are others in it too. This may not be a solution to the issue, solutions will be got personally without assistance, it is a complexity that for some strange reason lightens your condition in seeing others in the same boat. The problem remains and perhaps without any solution in sight, but the mere proximity with one that bears similar traits becomes in an unusual manner, comforting.
  6. You may have had an association as strong and complete as you could ever perceive with another, but the moment that association breaks, you first of course, sit disillusioned by the moment, but soon begin to seek the company of one that has either been in similar circumstance or will give your condition a sympathetic understanding. The assistance that you get shall never be able to replace the circumstance or condition. But you deem it a great release to be with them. Their advice or the pearls of wisdom that they threaten you with, may make sense for the moment, but somewhere deep within you, you have your own solution in place and know that that is what you would wish to do, finally.
  7. Its tough being tough in such situations. Depleted as you are by the enormity of the ‘event’, it takes much to even consider washing all of it away and moving on unaffected. They remain, these moments. And we become accomplished actors, portraying exceptional exterior behavior, when in fact the interiors are burning up !
  8. Makes sense ? Or are these just the ramblings of an aged somebody, desperate to find patronage to matters that are beyond his realm ? I guess the next lot of respondents shall fill me up with that !
  9. I need to retire. I need to feel secure on my recital for the 4th. I need to select and rehearse what needs to be read and presented. Bhopal is a knowledge center, a lover of literature and culture and aesthetics of the written word. Teachers and students shall comprise a majority of the audience. Some literati too ! I must make commendable representation of my surname, of the great legacy that I have been gifted with. To honor and respect what he created for posterity and for life !
  10. Good night !!
  11. Oh ! and as I end today, I have chance to glance at the papers of the morning ! And guess what the headlines are screaming ? Bhopal to be called BHOJPAL and the big lake, BHOJ TAAL … a representation to the Center has been sent seeking the execution of this request from Madha Pradesh government !

    Amitabh Bachchan

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