Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Has it really been 3 years today I would never have known ! BigB

Jalsa,  Mumbai   April  18,  2011         Mon  11 : 56 PM
Has it really been 3 years today ? I would never have known ! That is a long time and a very longtime association with some of the most loving and caring family members.
Thank you for your presence and for your gratitude. You have stood by me in rough weather and fair. You have commented and encouraged, analyzed and assessed, laughed and cried, never ever giving me any need to address your discomfort or the ecstasy of your gain. This is indeed a superior class of people and I am proud to have been an initiator for all.
After the shoot got over for ‘Bbuddah’ later in the evening, it was back to the studio for recording song with Vishal and Shekhar. Music takes over all of us completely and time spent in that particular environment is like being born again - fresh, eager and with the brightest of elements on your side of the fence. Such fortunate people, music directors. Living day in and day out with their instruments, creating godly tunes, giving the much needed pleasure to the listener and adding so much to their own lives. Someday hopefully I shall have the great privilege and pleasure to add more years to my life as well. Till then I live in the marvel of those that occupy that space reserved for the gifted and talented.
I have an early call tomorrow and I need to get some rest before a rather cruel day ahead. So today shall be informative and short. For, the desire to write more comes from spending more time in front of the screen. And today unfortunately the screen has been erratic. Urging me to finish early so everyone can go off to sleep.
Abhishek, poor soul, has been laboring for the promotion of his coming film ‘Dum Maro Dum’. Each day a new city, new people, new platforms from which to propagate. We never had this facility before. Our reliance was merely on the makers of the film. At best they would come around to check with the local paper what their impressions were of the film in question. And that too after release. Now … its is different, more dynamic and certainly more responsive to casting votes !!
How I wish this comparison would never have existed. It is I believe the root cause for jealousy, intrigue, sympathy and all that seems to be connected with these factors. Our job as actors should be to follow a captain first. Then if he wishes we could go ahead or remain isolated.
But all this requires incredible understanding, coordination, compassion and great love for the ‘other’ . The ‘other’ could be any one. They are generally the ones that face the brink, suffer quietly and then leave never to regain it again.
Picking up the cue from some of the reactions that came about after the promotional acts of ‘Dum Maaro Dum’, I am tempted to put up some pictures of Abhishek’s reactions with the crowds. But I hesitate, for this is his film and solo. Were he to get me going I would gladly put it through, with whatever resources I possess. But let me get his clearance first.
Shanouk shows his exemplary skills at barking at anything that he feels does not belong to the family. His meeting with me after this rather long hiatus, shamed me. He was all over with his large frame, sniffing and goading us almost into providing some eats for him. Pets are at their best performances when their masters eat at the dining table, ignoring their presence. They will bring on the saddest expressions, nudge an elbow or its equivalent into submission, until their only goal in life, that of procuring something to eat from the table is fulfilled. With his size he is beyond the height to the top of the dining table Shanouk, and this is used most effectively to ‘persuade’ the Master to compassionately consider their desire for a meal along with another they may have just finished. And when they are ignored, or spoken away from any dining activity, they lounge a few feet away in one the most hurt and languid expressions ever seen. Such darlings they are !! Though I must add here that while we were away, Shanouk has had enough of the attention that he would normally never get. But pets are pets. What ever would we do without them, and they without us !!
Status quo maintained. A bit of movement from the ladies dressing up and then end of chapter.
Love and more … and a very happy and prosperous Hanuman Jayanti to all .. willpower, strength and desire to serve and the moto of our lives
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Congratulation sir! keep writing & never thinking to stop..


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