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I need to be cautious when I write BigB Blog

I need to be cautious when I write
Jalsa, Mumbai      April  17,  2011   Sun  11 : 32 PM
I need to be cautious when I write. Words written in a moment of introspection go out to millions and sometimes create anxiety to the EF. This is not correct. My own condition, if it can be called that, is not meant for distribution and exhibition. That it has caused some of us within to be of concern and worry is legitimate. It showed the affection that existed among you towards me. But there should not have been such an exposed expression to it all.
All then is well and comfortable. There really is no sign of any kind of disturbance or hurt. It was just one of those moments when it became imperative to let it all out. Not because there was reason to let it out or that there was a situation that had built up. No. Nothing of the sort. The mind is not disturbed at all. They were simply ramblings. Now and then at this age it would be deemed to be an obvious act. Its going to be ’stepping into the 70’s’ next year and it matters at many levels when you reach there.
Bhawani Singh Jaipur the erstwhile Maharaja, passed away yesterday. He was a dear friend and his wife Padmini Devi is close to Jaya. He had been ailing for sometime, and had been unwell for several more - heart condition.
Our prayers and condolences for the departed soul.
A humble man, caring and considerate, pet named Bubbles by his family, because of the very large amount of champagne that was opened by his Father, at the time of his birth. A handsome attractive prince, who lived a charmed life. For sometime he served in the Indian Army and was posted in the Presidents Bodyguard at Rashtrapati Bhavan. When we lived in Delhi at 13, Willingdon Crescent, a road that ran along the boundary of the President of India’s house, Bubbles would often drive past in his Ford Thunderbird convertible - a most favored car with the young of those times. And as I would be walking across to South Avenue some 100 yards away to catch my college bus for University, I would see him impeccably dressed in his uniform, driving along and would wonder if I would ever be able to someday get a ride in it - not imagined ever that I would be in a situation where I would be able to acquire similar facilities - mostly the car !
But time and circumstance changed. After joining the movies I happened to be shooting ‘Ganga ki Saugandh’ an early years film in Jaipur and met up with him and spent quite a bit of time in his company and his polo buddies. A smaller palace of his that had been opened and refurbished for the Queen of England’s visit, had now been converted into a private Hotel and we were staying there. One evening he invited us over to a party at his friends place and graciously offered to drive us there. Yes … you got it … it was that Ford Thunderbird that I used to see him in with envy, that he pulled out that day and I could not but marvel at the wonders of fate and allied coincidences.
Bubbles, great great grandfather, I think, Maharaja Jai Singh founded Jaipur the city. It got its name Jaipur from him. Jai Singh was the one that planned the Pink City, as it is now referred to. It was so modern in concept and geometric in its presence that many town planners after copied his ideas. The way Los Angeles is planned, with long stretches of roads and systematic streets is something inspired from Jaipur, because that is how it was first designed, planned and executed.
I think in one of my earlier posts I had mentioned the Jaipur Polo Ground in Delhi and how we used to go there to watch polo being played, albeit from a distance, because we were never having the means to get inside there legally. Watching this fascinating sport, in all its regal splendor was such a high for us. Bubbles and his Father played there, watched keenly by Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, one of the most beautiful women of the world. And Rao Raja Hanut Singh, a brilliant player and one that had the highest handicap, would enthrall us with the skills he possessed for the game and for his riding. Ah ! those were the days !!
To bed now … tomorrow back to ‘Bbuddah’ … and tomorrow also maybe it would be time to share some recent photographs of the happenings around us ….
Good night then …
Amitabh Bachchan

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