Friday, June 17, 2011

forgot to mention that the CD’s Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai            June  15/16 ,  2011          Wed/Thu  1 : 13 AM
What a day ! Up at 6 to get to work and have just finished. Not at all surprised at the course taken, because we were meant to earn our living through sweat and tears. Tears remained distant, the sweat alive pertinent and deserving !!
So we shoot a promo for the film #BHTBaap at Filmistan studio, for the medley, and there has not been a moment of rest or reprieve from the camera. Just as well I think that we are able to come alive when the reels start rolling and that a record for posterity is on its way. This process is in fact the only means where our work gets documented for eternity and I would imagine that each one of us that face a camera each day think about this phenomena. The phenomena of documentation, the phenomena of your creativity, of your worth and how you perceived it. Once done never to be undone again, and perhaps that is why we labor with repeat takes until satisfaction on performance is achieved, until satisfaction on creativity envelops us - signed sealed and delivered !!
And then when the day at the sets, reliving nostalgia was over, went across to wish Aamir for his completion of 10 years of his production company. he had been repeatedly calling me and wanted me to come across, since he was inviting people that in some ways had made a contribution to his films. I, as many may know, did the commentary for his film ‘Lagaan’. It was an interesting concept of interacting with all those that had attended. I was in and out in a short time, but not without facing a barrage, no an entire battalion of media, that had come to cover the event.
And all they ask, or have been asking for these last few days, has been .. ‘ could you please just once, say Buddah Hoga tera Baap’ … and I do, sending them off into a frenzy of loud applause, screams and shouts !! Well, something seems to be working on the film front despite a spate of dejected voices from the Ef !! Most of the anxiety expressed has been from territories where the clientele for the film, made in our part of the world, has a limited audience. I know each customer counts, but when the marketing division of the production outfit sits on it, there is first a desire to cater to the obvious markets from where the earning promises to be large ! The issue will be addressed and well I hope. I can but only say that we need to weigh all options and then proceed to our best ability.
In all this, I forgot to mention that the CD’s made their way finally to me today and I shall be sending some across to designated people for distribution. There has been I think a huge reaction to the music of the film. As I entered the hall where Aamir had invited me, he came out into the dining area of the Hotel and escorted me to the stage where, he, Javed Akhtar and Ashutosh Gowariker were seated and led me straight up to them. Even before I could get up to it, Javed saheb leant over the raised platform and whispered into my ear .. ‘ kya gana gaya hai aapne’ … ‘what a song you have sung’ ! I am surprised to know that he knows and ask him where he had heard it. ‘The radio’, he replied and ushered me on to my place on the dias. This is wonderful news. Javed Saheb is a hard nut to crack when you desire his opinion on any matter, so this reaction spoke a lot. There is the TwFmXt from the twitter world that have incessantly paid huge comment and appreciation to the number ‘Haal e Dil’, which is something that gladdens me, for it has been my most favorite since a long time !!
Tomorrow is another early morning and it shall be with Abhishek joining me on set. We shoot the promo for the film #BHTBaap together and I think its been a while since we did something on film together. He was there today too, but he works on an opposite set for another film of his ‘Players’ ! Shaad Ali who directed that wonderful film ‘ Bunty aur Babli’ is directing this promo for us, the very senior and accomplished DOP Binod Pradhan cranks the camera and Shaimak Davar’s talented crew and dancers choreograph with us. Visiting one of these moments on set one would imagine every two or three minutes someone was getting murdered - everyone in order to psyche themselves up scream and shout whoop and whistle during after and before the take starts. Finally we get it right and there is more applause and screaming. It seems to be the norm at work these days, but there it is .
It is time now .. i must excuse myself and catch some much needed sleep … good night dearest ones .. prayers and love … and much more ….

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