Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am tired and sleepy and passing out ! But my commitment to you my EF Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai                                      Oct 24/25 ,  2011                                Mon/Tue  1 : 19 AM
I am tired and sleepy and passing out ! But my commitment to you my EF is so much stronger than any sleep inducing act. Yes it does take a lot to keep going, but I feel the moment one stops, every thing else stops too. So the purpose of this post is to demonstrate to you all that the words that I speak are sufficient enough to keep company with my yawns and that all else shall be taken care of in the days and nights to come.

It has been a long grueling day – Tv always has been that. But when you have contestants that came on board when in distress, when you have a live audience that watches and observes every move of yours, when there are a million things that one needs to know about the subject on hand, and then some more, it does become an exercise not just in concluding the show but indeed in making that a very successful one.
I must apologize now for, any further attempt to pursue what seems unstoppable shall end in grave consequences and disaster.

Do excuse me therefore if I make a hurried exit, there really is a huge pressure on my being, coercing me to stay with you and share … but I have sounded today and a few others that join me later, explained that I must spend some time with the near ones. They are the first to get affected. So listen to them, allow them to function in a near capable moment. This and more shall be the dividend that awaits you …
May the ‘shagun’ of the ‘choti divali’ be with you always …
Love and more ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

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  1. Dear Amitabh, I am 39 year old guy from kolkata and should say that you are my childhood day hero. I sometimes read your blog. I would like to convey you something as you are still strong enough. I feel that it would be great for us if you make a film like shahenshah kind of story. You would be the best choice and if not abishek we believe will fit. Anyway i have a dream of seeing you in front of my eyes, but i also k
    now it is muskil hi nahi namumkin hai.

    May God give you strength and power so that i get continues to get mental courage and inspired. thanx and regards


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