Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There has been one significant change since my visit to Australia

Jalsa, Mumbai             Oct  22/23,  2011             Sat/Sun 1 : 55 am
There has been one significant change since my visit to Australia – a sudden passion and love for the game of Rugby !! So does this mean further trouble at home with domestication ; I think not. Both these forms of Football, the American Football and now Rugby have been fascinating game players for me. I do not entirely understand the main rules, nor do I understand some of the configurations of the game – the scrum and the penalties, and why they must keep throwing the ball back to their players etc. The same is the case with American Football. I cannot understand how and when the points go. But … there is something that I do understand – you need to possess tons of iron like physiques to play this game. I mean look at these guys ? They are finest specimens of brute human male strength and just to see them play and crash and jostle about, to get to that dreaded line beyond their territory, is a marvel of human physical endeavor.

So not just main events like the World Cup being played in NewZealand right now, with finals between France and the local All Blacks team, one which has been garnering unbelievable audience demands and support, but, the frenzy that prevails before the game does go on, is an event by itself … !!
O dear so much to say, but my jet lag is killing me now, and before long I shall be swinging between irrelevant banter and stupidity. So to put and end to this … an end to this my earliest and shortest BLOG ..
Phew !! made it … I just typed BLOB and would have been criticized no end for this error … but I do know that you understand my conditions and so … with love

Amitabh Bachchan

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