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We live in exciting times .. where we have the liberty to make our own news

Jalsa , Mumbai      Oct  23 , 2011    Sun  10 : 27 PM
We live in exciting times .. where we have the liberty to make our own news ! What is expressed on the blog or the twitter is conveniently taken up as a ‘source’ for the media and given it a color as though it was theirs. Two matters come up then for questioning.

One .. if what we write is what will be converted into news, then we have the advantage of letting out what we would like to read in print the next morning ..
Two .. if this is feasible, then what is to stop a false news or opinion that could be deliberately given out knowing that the medium will pick it up …
Since most news is all made and written in closeted rooms of the media office without any attention to the practical field, it becomes a most easy task to run out a computer reference of all that may have been written about any particular subject and if the photographers have through their extreme ‘paparazzi’ behavior, sold pictures to particular media house, the writer merely makes his or her column by putting down what he can make out of a particular situation by the visual of the picture that he or she holds before them. A correct and truthful description of any situation is thus something that we get deprived of, as also the consequences of its nature. The journalist shall move on to another story settled in their heart of a job well done, when it fact it is not by a long shot a job at all.
Worse follows. What gets documented by one journalist in any form anywhere, becomes the yardstick for all the others. So if there is an incorrect reporting of an issue and it has been put down on paper, it is enshrined in perpetuity. The world may change but that written opinion, that expression remains as the ultimate reference point for eternity. And the fact be damned, as also the subject matter.
There are several attitudes one can adopt in such situations.
Keep close liaison with the media so as no manufactured stories go out. Relationships be maintained. That bi weekly calling them over a cup of tea is a recommended option, where if you could give them some news which no one else has been given, it would act as a blessing for them.
The other of course is silence on your part an allow the results to speak for themselves. This often takes an awful amount of time and the dangers are that by the time you clarify, no one is willing to believe it.
The other option is the posting of news which is incorrect and then wait for the concerned person to clarify the position, which then gives reason for the media person to interact with their client so to say, without having to make that much touted phrase of waiting years to speak to them.
In todays world of rapid transmission and decimation of news, being the first is a quality much admired by all media. Whether it is correct or not is never perhaps given importance. What is important is that the issue must first be brought out by one particular paper. Errors could and do always get ‘corrected’ days later or not at all. It does not matter. Or may be it does. If corrected it would speak not too well about the credibility of their profession and so nothing is done.
They shall argue that no clarification was given. But giving clarifications and waiting with bated breath on the mobile so an immediate response can be given whenever their Majesties ask, is not our job. We have other work to do. But no. For the media the rule is that when asked in whatever form drop everything and attend to them !!!???
So let us imagine that we do not respond. Well forget about a positive review of your film or enterprise. Not connecting with them in any circumstance means continued bad write ups opinions and negativity in all that they put down. Some are so obsessed with their client that they shall never be able to be without them. They will write about you everyday, but everyday with suggested abuse or unflattering remark. Their unwarranted frustration shall never leave them, no matter what. The indignity that we can do without them is so strong they never let up.

Ahh ! Well … forget about these mundane inconsequent expressions and lets talk about the quality of the day that went by and to what the benefits of a break in work meant.
It meant the ‘godh bharai’ ceremony for Aishwarya by her parents now. A lovely warm and affectionate ceremony full of relationships and relatives and all sharing concern and affection for the child to come. Quite wonderful how we still maintain our old customs and rituals. Love them.
Sports followed then. The Rugby World Cup 2011 at Auckland New Zealand, when the All Blacks won a close one … 8-7 over the French. The All Blacks being my favorites. Excitement !
The Cricket followed and India beat England most convincingly in the ODI. The score stands at 4-0. One more to go !
ManU got beat in a historic game of Football by ManCity and by 6-1 ! In their own backyard ! Embarrassing for ManU. Agastya must be in mourning. He being a ManU fan.
Our team Chelsea was losing 0-1 to QPR and playing with only 9 players, two haven being red carded. Not too bad for Chelsea !! Hope still rides !!
And now good night and with love ..
For tomorrow its back to KBC ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Dear Amitabh sir,

    Happy to hear that Sushilkumar won 5 Crore. We all are waiting to see that moment.

    Sir aapka dress ki toh baat hi nahi.

    Great to have a millenium hero like this.

    Cheers Sir


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