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Is it just me or does this occur with others too

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 Is it just me or does this occur with others too ; moved by sentiment on seeing or being part of inspired creativity … a desire to be in part a portion of it … to lament that fact that not being among those that create it is great disaster … to wonder what it would have been like to have lived those moments with them.
And this then is the reason for this late post, this beyond my doctors recommended timing, this liberty I take when it becomes difficult to control the insides …
Creativity has many manifestations, colors and attitudes. But among its many and varied qualities, there is but one certainty. When it touches a chord it is impossible to ignore it. There is desire to talk, write discuss it with some immediacy. To share and hope that those you share it with have the ability to appreciate what you appreciate.
And so I write with some rapidity. To share and express that which impresses me and moves me to this condition. A condition I have trouble getting into … not because I have trouble with it, but that when I do I live with it for great amount of time.
I would imagine that appreciating an aspect of creation would be as important and valuable as the act of creating itself. The relevance of inspired reflection one from the other is a most potent force according to me. If I do not have knowledge of the existence of the other, then I would be foolish to imagine that there is but one and one alone. One of the biggest fallacies of existence is to believe that one is the best and that no other exists. Turn the corner and you shall find a hundred others, equally if not more talented and proficient than yourself. To discover other talent and expertise I would imagine, would be the foremost task of any to accept it in a temper of gaining from it, rather than diminishing its achievement. Ignorance of the other or an imbecilic blind eye to another of value would be disastrous. Who would one compare your greatness with then ? When there is no other, how can one proclaim they are the best ?
And so I welcome the contributions of more. I welcome them so we educate ourselves of being able to look at the level at which we are. Not them, we. In the reflection of the other, or of their shade or shadow will we ever be able to determine one from the other. If there is no 1 to 10, how on earth can there just be a 1 ?

Many by now shall wonder what it is I speak about. There is no need. I speak in general. Or maybe I speak with incident. But of that later …

I worked at the closing of KBC during the morning hours and I am observing the response to my presence on the streets. Some months ago I was on similar location and other than an occasional wave from a passing vehicle, there was nothing much to be acknowledged on me. But some months on there is a marked difference. People follow you, they stop and join in the crowds that collect by the road. They show respect. It is not the young screaming and fainting in your arms kind of environ. It is more a smile, a folded hand in greetings of a ‘namaste’. And I wonder .. artistic creation can and does have a life span particularly in the profession that I find myself in. A failed project and the numbers diminish. A successful project and the opposite happens.
So what really has been the difference. I have no films of merit on release. All I have is a television programme which apparently moves well with the audience. Could it be that that then is reason enough for them to notice me in renewed form. One never knows with audiences … they rule and they guide ..
I wonder how they guide now ..
Good night and my love ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. sir we r waitning for the new session of KBC. i hope that u will soon return.. this was owesome..sir r r r.. i enjoyed it alot...


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