Wednesday, January 11, 2012

There are times when a public appearance baulks you

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Jan 7/8 ,  2012                                Sat/Sun  12 : 42 AM

 There are times when a public appearance baulks you. And when it happens at regular intervals, it is even more so. Public figures do not have the right to express themselves thus, but at times it is important to share impressions with the Ef .

And does not the expression on the face and the language of the body aptly describe our state. But .. let me say this, that no matter how exhausted or tired we may be of our public persona, a scream of recognition from the fans is sufficient material to erase many a morose temperament. They lift your spirit, allow the adrenalin to flow into the right spots, pick up your temperament and send it soaring beyond …
These thoughts are not originally mine, but one that I may have picked up firstly through experience, and then through what we were told through stories and examples. It was Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India’s first Prime Minister, that had disclosed this to someone during one of his election campaigns, and I believe they are true in spirit. His other episode that he often talked of was the showing of black flags to him during his visits to his city of birth, Allahabad. He was Prime Minister, loved and adored by millions of his countrymen, but he would recall, every time he visited Allahabad, his electoral constituency, a section of the polity would have demonstrations against him and show him black flags as he drove by. His response … nothing ! Indeed it was looked upon as having an element of positivity.
A Mother, he would say, places a black ‘tika’ on the face of her new born child to protect it from ‘nazar’, from evil. These black flags of protest waved at me are the equivalent of that black ‘tika’ on the new borns face .. !!
Simple, generous and so converting the anti into a pro  … !
We must have several of these to deal within ourselves as we confront the varied and wide range of similar condition. It requires strength of character and an obtuse sense of bearing, to be able to ward off such evil, but there it is … effective and utterly dismissive !!
Many among the next generation argue against such condition. Their value and stance is more aggressive and strong. If there is negativity, pay it back in equal measure. That unfortunately is the only language, or so this generation thinks, to be the only answer.
Do we then change according to the beliefs of this gennext, or does one pursue what one has been brought up to believe. In my state and age, I would side with the bringing up and retaining what we needs must retain. I doubt whether this generation shall want to even give it the minimum of space. They may be right … but what does one do with that which has been considered right through the ages ..
I shall tell you what …
You slip into bed cover your head and body and sleep …
Good night !!!

Amitabh Bachchan 

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