Wednesday, January 11, 2012

There needs to be a serious attempt to get down to reading

Jalsa , Mumbai                    Jan  9,  2012                     Mon 11 : 26 PM

There needs to be a serious attempt to get down to reading, that, which needs to be read. The longer the wait the less important the matter tends to become. Immediate address-al shall perhaps be preferred if a clean table is desired, but the danger is of hasty and incorrect decisions if that were to be so ..
Spending time giving opinion and analyzing projects can be an interesting prospect. But doing so without concurrence and agreement can be wasteful and of no value at all. And when the desire to convince reaches a point where it cannot be stretched any further, disinterest sets in. The loss of a project takes over and before you know it, some other party has taken it over and made a success of it. What is left is lamentation or perhaps that most irritable and condescending remark – ‘O ! that project came to me first. I left it !’
Assessment of what is right or wrong can either be individual, or collective through a tested team. But finding the team is in itself an exercise in futility. How does one ever have the acumen to be able to do that. Which is why when the concept of an extended family came up to me, I never cringed or opposed it. It was to me a genuine desire to fulfill, to extend to those that took trouble to connect. And now when I look back I must admit that it has been one of my truest accomplishments – give or take a few hiccups !!
But much of it has been your doing. I may have begun, but the catalyst was the Ef, the FmXt. Your nobility and character, your discipline and commitment, have been the corner stones of this vast association. Good use is being put to by the varied talents that we all possess, in making this home of ours a sacred place of togetherness and care .. Your desire to make it so has been its success factor. Thank you.

Okaaaaayyyyyyyyy !! the children are coming back to Jalsa, by some good fortune. Changes in travel have made it so and I do look forward to the times to start ringing again of laughter and ‘chahel pahel’ … Such luxuries are rare and need to be used to its maximum. There is an odd travel though for me, but limited to the day.
The Pune Film Festival wishes to honor me for my contribution to cinema ans I find that most embarrassing, for the truth is that I really have not contributed at all ..
Another trip is towards Nasik to inaugurate a School for ‘special’ children, one that I have initiated some years ago through a very dedicated friend of mine from the Police force. Public appearances are scary and time consuming. Welcome and speeches of wisdom and care follow, photographs are taken and then the relief when you can get back home. In the end one wonders whether the trip was worth its while. Did the presence enhance the conditions or not. That is of value, nothing else matters …

There is a certain charm I have noticed in keeping a watch over those that this generation calls ‘watches’. You know the ones you tie to your hand to remind yourself of what is slipping by. I say this in some wonder because the watch is fast becoming redundant. Not because they do not fall into the category of decoration, but because the mobile has taken its place. It is held close to your hand at all times. So better to have a look there than turn your wrist to ascertain where we are and what it is that the setting sun indicates !!
But yes, maintaining one of those master sized clocks is fascinating. The quarterly chimes and then the gong for the hour – musical and rhythmic and nostalgic ! I manage two now in close proximity to where I work in my office and they are a joy to be spending time with. ‘Time’ ? sorry that was unintentional !!
May I put the Ef to some questioning … how would you perceive me on screen, on tv and on voice . What kind of stories or films would be preferred for me. And … what of Abhishek and Aishwarya and Jaya .. ?? Where and how would one want to see them in film ??
Lemme know ..!! bit of slang there … excuse .. is it really slang .. I would think not .. what would you describe that … ‘lemme’ ?? Hmmm … too many questions for the day .. well ..
Love ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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